Husqvarna TE 300i For Serious Enduro Riders

Husqvarna is the king of enduro bikes. But it is not easy to hold the crown for years doing the same thing. They know it better than anyone which is why they are constantly innovating and adapting to the market.

And while doing so they have provided some great mountain bikes to the people. One such is the latest Husqvarna TE300i.

They have taken their revolutionary injection engines and improved them to take them to the next level with this bike. If you want to know more about it, then check out the Husqvarna TE 300i review.

Husqvarna TE 300i Enduro Bike - The Ultimate Bike for Enduro Racing
Husqvarna TE 300i

Husqvarna TE300i Sizing chart:

  • Engine: 6-speed
  • Starter: Electric Starter
  • Design: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
  • Brakes: Disc (front and back)
  • Chain: X-ring
  • Weight: 106. kg (without fuel)
  • Frame: Chromium molybdenum steel

Key Features:

Available Colors:

Right now, the Husqvarna v 300i 2 stroke bike only comes in one color variety. The chassis is mostly white. And there are some blue strokes on the side with some small yellow stripes around the headlight area and the near the tire. So, you can say it is mostly dominated by white and blue.

Husqvarna TE 300i Enduro Bikes – Power, Performance, and Durability

Husqvarna TE300i Frame:

Starting with the chassis. You will get a solid chromium-molybdenum steel body on the bike. They use laser cuts and robot welding on that structure to ensure the finest level of precision. But rigidity isn’t the only thing it offers. With the advanced geometry design, it gives a more stable and comfortable ride for the biker.

The design helps it absorb the vibrations. Plus, they made sure to remove any sort of imbalance in the frame. That’s one of the reasons, the ride moves in a stable straight line. And for improved handling and comfort you got forged aluminum cylinder heads.

The subframe, for its part, is made of two pieces of composite material and carbon fiber. It gives a robust build without adding any real weight.

Husqvarna TE300i Engine:

Here, Husqvarna uses a 300cc 2-stroke engine for the TE300i. But before getting into the details of the engine, let’s look at its positioning on the bike. Already it makes a huge difference to the ride.

How’s that?

What they did is that they positioned the shaft in a precise manner to centralize its mass. It gives the ride the balance. Then there is the counter balancer shaft that reduces vibration. That gives the rider more control on the bike as it is easier to balance.

Now, coming to the engine. You get a 72mm bore cylinder that features a twin valve-controlled system. This allows the bike to get smooth and control power throughout. You get superior RPM that makes it fast. But unlike others, it doesn’t consume a lot of fuel.

Thanks to the two inlets at the rear of the cylinder, the fuel consumption of the bike goes down and so do the emissions. So, it’s powerful and economic at the same time.


For the enduro riding, you need the best quality fork and brakes on the bike. And from the Husqvarna te 300i specifications, you can see that it offers that both. When jumping uphill or downhill with the bike, the fork has springs to dampen the impact on it. You get a compression damping on the left leg and a rebound damping function with the right one. Depending on your needs you can adjust it using the clickers to get the right feedback from the ride.

All thanks to the WP XACT rear shock system on the bike. It balances the right pressure to ensure consistent damping. That’s why it offers better comfort than others. But the shock system isn’t enough to win you those enduro bike tournaments. You need quality brakes and the Husqvarna doesn’t disappoint on that too. You get a high sensitive Magura braking system. The wave discs on both front and rear give you instant brake without fail.


From the Husqvarna te300i review you might get to know more about the intricacies of the warranty issue.

Yes, they offer a warranty on the bike, but that’s a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. But if you want an extended comprehensive warranty on it, you can get that too. That would give you about 12 years or 80000 km mileage. But for that, you’ve got to pay premium funds.

And there is more to it. It’s only valid in Europe and obviously, you need to get your bike from a European dealer. And within that time period, if you do any servicing on the bike, that needs to be carried by an authorized dealer. Otherwise, it won’t be valid.

How does the Husqvarna TE300i work?

The response of the engine is quite impressive. Here, you’ve got an electric start bike that has an injection powered engine. It works on low revs and almost zero vibration thanks to that balance shaft.

For the climbs, it provides plenty of power. The smooth transition of engine strokes to the tires comes without any delay. And the bike suspension gives you a comfortable ride on it. Not to forget, the positioning of the engine makes it easy to lift and control the front wheel. With the short first gear, you get to climb obstacles with minimal effort.

The best part is that the engine never loses power while shifting. Therefore, you get explosive accelerations with the bike. And can’t praise the WP XACT suspensions enough. They absorb the shocks brilliantly. Combine it with the adjustable fork, you get a controlled bike that’s made to win tournaments.



With a 106.2 weight, the bike isn’t too heavy. This weight is without fuel. Even if you fill-up the entire 8.5-liter tank with fuel, it wouldn’t be that much.

If you’re a true enduro bike fan who loves to take the bike out to those rocky terrains, this would be a safe bet for you. That’s because it is easy to control.

Quality materials:

From the Husqvarna TE 300i review, you can see that only high-quality materials get used for the bike.

Starting with the steel frame that gives you a solid structure for the bike. Add the carbon composite subframe with that you get even more durability to the structure without adding any real weight. Even the radiators get made from high-strength aluminium which lets the air pass through with ease.

Then is your electric pump that takes the oil from the tank to the engine. The pipe is durable. It makes sure the engine gets fed at an optimal rate so that keeps a steady RPM and engine load. No leaking, nothing.

Not to forget about the crankcases or the engine which are also durable and lightweight to offer the right balance between power and balance.

Comprehensive protection:

For the rider’s safety, the bike got a unique Map select feature. What it does is that it lets you modify the power delivery to the engine. Now, depending on your preference, conditions, and terrain you can get a fixed amount of power to be in control.

Consider you’re riding on a rainy day on a track that offers little grip to the tires. You’re constantly struggling to keep control. All of a sudden, you’ve accelerated a bit more and the bike gets out of your hand. Not a good sign.

But with the MAP switch, you will get soft power with delayed ignition timing which will keep you safe on those tracks with less traction.


Takes time to settle in:

Although the bike is great, it’s not something that you get used to from the moment you get on it. Knowing the engine, brakes take some time. Though it’s easy to balance, getting comfortable with it on rocky terrains would need some more practice. Thankfully, using the Map switch, you can get used to the uneven, slippery tracks slowly. Also, the adjustable fork helps the cause. However, getting comfortable using them also has its learning curves. 

Oiling the chain and ring:

One issue that you have to deal with a lot is the oiling of the ring and chain of the bike. But that’s not that uncommon with off-track rides. They gather a lot of dirt and grime due to the condition where they get ridden off most of the time. However, the X-rings on the bike let you down as it requires regular oiling. It doesn’t hold the grease inside well. Same way, the chain requires constant cleaning to perform better. Otherwise, the engine power won’t translate well to the wheels of the bike.

Where to buy?

You can go to any Husqvarna authorized dealer and get the bike from their store. That way, you will get the manufacturer’s warranty on the bike.

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After looking at the Husqvarna v 300i 2 stroke, you can only say one thing: It is getting better with time.

No doubt, compared to its predecessors, the TE300i is much more effective, pleasant, and fun to ride. They have kept the essence of the bike and introduced more amazing features to the bike.

From its lively engine to its bump resistance springs, all make it the king of Enduro bikes. No matter the route, trail, or surface, it will help you ride fast with better control than ever.

Just take a good look at the Husqvarna TE 300i review and compare it with the rest to know whether it’s true or not. Don’t just take my words for it.

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