2021 Kawasaki KLX300R Review

Kawasaki KLX lineup is one of the best dirt bike lineups in the business. And their last batch of 2020 bikes was a hit among the dirt bikers. To make the life of dirt riders even more exciting, Kawasaki already has introduced their next KXL line.

Now, like 2020, the 2021 lineup has many great bikes for you. But the one we’ve eyed on is none other than the KLX300R. It has been by far their best bike.

And that’s why in this 2021 Kawasaki KLX300R review, we’ve tried to show you what more the manufacturers added to their already phenomenal ride.

2021 Kawasaki KLX300R Size Chart:

  • Engine: 4-stroke single, liquid cool
  • Displacement: 292cc
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Drive: Chain
  • Suspension: Front and rear
  • Frame: High-tensile steel

Key Features:

A particular device always has particular features to go on and check. For this special kawasaki, it also has many. Check them out for easy choosing.

Available Colors:

Kawasaki KLX 300r

The Kawasaki KLX lineup is famous for its iconic green chassis. And keep the tradition going, the Kawasaki KLX 300R comes in the same lime green color. It’s quite vibrant which is hard to look past. So, if you want to ride in style and get people’s attention, this is what you need to ride.

Are they good quality?

No doubt, the engine is the heart of the bike. But having a powerful engine isn’t enough to consider the bike to be great. You need to think about other factors like the chassis. From those accidental falls whether the bike will come out undamaged or not depends on the build quality of it.

Plus, how can you forget about the suspension of the off-roader. You are not going to ride on a smooth track. There will be a lot of bumps on the road that might make it unbearable for you to ride on it. Only with good suspensions on the bike, you will be able to come out of it with no pain. And there are a couple of other factors. Let’s check them out whether the Kawasaki can fulfill those demands or not.


When you look past that vibrant color of the chassis, you witness a stylish slime frame. The bodywork is so nimble that it helps the rider’s grip on the bike better. That’s one of the key reasons why you get better control riding on it.

But not only it looks nimble, in reality, but it is also super lightweight. Even though the frame gets made from high-tensile steel, it doesn’t add that much weight to the ride. However, you enjoy te rigidity of the steel. Therefore, you can drop the bike on the ground without any worry.


Riding on the trails and mountain terrains, the bike has to deal with a lot of bumpy rocks and loose stones on the track. Thankfully you don’t feel that on your body because of its front and rear suspensions.

At the front, you get a 43mm inverted fork that gives you the stability and control riding through the unpredictable terrains. The spring on it dampens the shocks to keep you riding the bike for long travels. Then at the back, the single shock Uni-Trakrear suspension adjusts with any terrain you ride. Its compression and rebound damping feature makes it perfect for aggressive off-road campaigns.

Wheels and Brakes:

kawasaki 300r wheels and brakes
Wheels and Brakes

The Kawasaki 300R dirt bike uses a 21 inches wheel at the front. At the back, it boasts an 18-inch wheel. Both of the wheels have a large diameter. The taller sidewall offers more flex compared to standard sidewall tires. Therefore, it’s more forgiving when you ride it on those rocky hard terrains.

Meanwhile, the tire on the bike offers knobs that are hard which are slightly spread out. It grips great on the rocks to give you better control on those rocky trails.

And coming to the brakes on the bike. You get strong disc brakes on both front and rear. The front one uses a twin-piston caliper while the rear one uses a single-piston caliper. Both of them react instantly to give you better control when needed. Just what you require while riding off-road.


When you buy the latest Kawasaki KLX 300r, you get a 6 months warranty on it. However, if you want more protection on your new bought ride, then you can opt for the Kawasaki protection plus option. That way you can improve the warranty period from 1-3 years.

How does the Kawasaki KLX 300R work?

There is no rocket science going behind it. All it has is a simple push electric button start that gets the engine running. It’s that simple. One great thing about this electric start is that it works fine in all conditions. Doesn’t matter what altitude you’re on or how the weather is, it gets the ignition going with just a simple button push every simple time without fail.

The engine gets fed with fuel using a pump valve. There is no loss of fuel as the combustion doesn’t waste any of it. Therefore it’s quite economical too. And when your bike is ready to run, just use the twist throttle to get the tires moving.



The lime green dirt bike from Kawasaki won’t be hard to control. It’s super lightweight. To be exact, the bike weighs around 282.2 lb. And there isn’t much difference with a full tank as it has a tank capacity of 2.1 gallons.

Quality Engine:

When it comes to any ride, it is the engine of it that is its heart. And in that case, Kawasaki has the fiercest of heart. With a fuel-injected 292cc 4-stroke engine, it is one of the most powerful dirt bike engines there is.

Just a simple push of a button and the fuel injected from the tank to the engine. The quick-revving power on it delivers a crisp response that offers strong low-end torque. Its efficient clean burning ears it the California green sticker. That means you can operate it in lands where people live without any problem.

That strong engine houses a durable chassis that keeps it safe while giving you the luxury to commit with it on the hardest off-road tracks. With six-speed transmission gear at your disposal, you get the right amount of pull to climb up the hills. No hiccups while throttling like some of the others.

And with that 6-speed, you can take it slow and take it to godspeed when the track allows you.

Comprehensive protection:

With a solid high-tensile steel body, you get great protection on the ride. But that’s not it. Even the brakes on the bike make sure if you commit too much, the front and rear piston brake save you from the trouble. They react fast. On top of all that, the adjustable compression damping spring suspension absorbs the vibrations to ensure you get a stable ride.

Even those knobby hard treads on the tire are there to bite into the unusual terrains in the most unfavorable of conditions. From top to bottom, everything on this bike works to keep the rider safe.


Takes time to settle:

Even though the 6-speed transmission gives you a lot of power, it can also be one of the reasons, you don’t feel comfortable riding the bike at first. That’s because the first three-speed is quite distinctive. You can feel the power it’s injective to the wheels. But when you move up a gear, the power the engine produces that reflects on the wheels feels out of control.

That kind of sudden boost of power is one of the reasons you can get in danger as you never know what hands you get dealt. So, you need to take some time and get used to the 6-speed transitions before taking it off-road for some serious trail riding.


Another aspect of it that might irritate you is the amount of maintenance it requires. The bike chain picks up a lot of dirt. After a couple of rides, it starts to move slowly and even cause too much vibration due to things getting stuck to it. It doesn’t move smoothly which means you don’t get true power transition on the wheels. You would need to clean the chain and oil it after every other off-road adventure of yours to keep it running like new.

Where to buy?

You can go to any authorized dealer showroom and get your hands on the Kawasaki. Or you can even check out their official website for further information.

Additional Features to consider:


It’s not only the suspension of the ride that gives you all the comfort. The seat of it also plays a similar role in it. And with the Kawasaki KLX300R, you get one of the luxurious cushioning on a dirt bike. You can seat on it for days and ride through the rockiest tracks without feeling a bit of fatigue.

Even the 36.4-inch seat is perfect to let the rider have a cozy height with the bike handlebars.


The KLX300R offers good speed to the riders. It can move a 100 mph top speed which is enough for you to ride on those challenging off-tracks. Now, compared to some other models, the acceleration of the bike is too fast, therefore you need to be on your toes when you go full throttle.


To be fair with, looking at the 2021 Kawasaki KLX300R Review, you will get the same taste of the 2020 KLX300R. But in reality, it is better than the earlier version. They had made the ride more balanced than ever. Even though the power it produces is the same as the earlier one, it comes through clean and translates on the wheels better. Not to forget, you get the same eye-catchy look in an even slimmer design with the newer version.

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