Kick Scooter vs Electric Scooter

Seeking a great alternative to automobiles? A scooter can be a good one. Still, the questions are which one to buy- an electric or a kick scooter. Everything has its pros and cons; that is why many prefer electric bikes while others are just happy with their kick scooters. The significant difference between an electric scooter and a kick scooter is their operating mechanism. The electric scooters have an electric motor that you can operate automatically. On the other hand, kick scooters need to be run by kicking your foot. 

However, there are things you must know before buying your scooter. Are you stuck between the arguments of kick scooter vs electric scooter? If yes, then undoubtedly, this article is for you. Read below to discover more!

Electric Scooter Vs. Kick Scooter: What’s The Difference?

Electric Scooter
kick scooter

A kick scooter is a human-powered vehicle that needs a little physical effort to operate. These types of scooters are better than walking as they give up to 9/10 mph mileage.  

Besides, most of these scooters are around 10lbs; thus, they are lightweight, and of course, it makes kick scooters very much portable. 

On the other hand, in 1915, electric scooters were first introduced. They are more advanced than kick scooters in terms of convenience as they have motor and battery.

If you are interested in investing more in an electric scooter, there are no problems with its design. They will benefit you with their effortless operation during rides. Yet, due to the electric mechanism, the electric scooter weighs a lot. That’s why they are difficult to carry upstairs. Most of the electric scooters offer mileage between 15 and 18 mph, and it’s, of course, faster than a kick scooter. 

Why Are Kick Scooters So Popular? Who Needs Electric Scooters

Folding Adjustable Scooter

Kick scooters are great for environment lovers. They’re light in weight and easy to maintain. Thanks to its lightweight body, it is faster than your walking speed. They are entirely eco-friendly and energy-efficient. On top of that, they are cheaper than electric scooters. Since scooters are meant to travel between short distances, it’s not very hard to run a kick scooter. 

These days the cost of gas and electricity is high. Which is why people are looking for ways to lower their vehicle expenses. Kick scooters reduce your dependency on motor vehicles. 

When you are in a hurry and trying to avoid heavy traffic, then kick scooters are the best option, unlike an electric scooter or motorcycle.  But if you think you want added comfort, you can go for the electric scooters. With your electric scooter, you can travel the mid ranges easily. They are less expensive than other automobiles and easy to operate. If your legs are tired running the kick versions, you can surely go for the electric ones.

Can You Use An Electric Scooter As A Kick Scooter?

It is a fundamental question for scooter lovers. Even those who own electric scooters are confused about this matter. Since electric scooters run on battery, you may experience a dead battery in the middle of your commute. Plus, carrying an electric scooter would be difficult in the aftermath of the dead battery.  

Whether you can use your electric scooter as a kick scooter or not will entirely depend on the type of your electric scooter. If it’s a dual or hybrid scooter, then you are allowed to switch to the manual mode. And after that you are good to go! However, regular electric scooters should not be used as a manual scooter as this practice may lead to damage to the wheel bearing. 

If your electric scooter isn’t dual, and it gets stooped middle of the street, then you have to get off the scooter and push it all the way. Although this not a solution, it’s pretty much better than carrying your scooter all the way.  

Adult Electric Scooter

Regular electric scooters should not be used as a manual/kick scooter as this practice may lead to damage to the wheel bearing. 

However, if your electric scooter isn’t dual then you have to get off the scooter and push it all the way. Although this not a solution, it’s pretty much better than carrying your folding scooter all the way.   

Is a scooter good for commuting?

Commuting Electric Scooter

Commuting is traveling short distances daily, e.g., travel from home to work or vice versa. A scooter can be the best cost-efficient transport for your daily commute. Sometimes traveling via bus, car, or motorbike can be problematic because obviously, you will incur a daily transportation cost, parking charge, and other maintenance costs.  

Besides, you don’t have to face road traffic congestion on the way to your destination if you are allowed to ride a scooter on pavements or walkways. Don’t hesitate to pick a scooter for your quick personal free-movement across the city.

Is kick scooter good exercise?

 folding scooter

Kick scooters can be considered as the best cardio exercise tool. However, for an effective result, you need to do scooting regularly. Consistent scooting practice results in more benefit than doing scooting once or twice a month. 

Doing scooting is near to cycling because scooting burns fat along with cause sweating. Kick scooter makes your whole body to work and lets your extremities daily workout. We recommend you to do scooting for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day on a flat surface. 

On the other hand, riding a motorized scooter is considered less healthy than a kick scooter. Electric motorized scooter looks cool, but it frees you from physical activities like frequently kicking off the ground.

Are Kick Scooters Dangerous Are Kick Scooters Dangerous? Which One Is More Safe?

it’s acknowledged that riding a kick scooter is safer compare to an electric scooter. A report issued by The Associated Press shows that since 2018 at least 11, electric scooter riders have lost their lives in road accidents. 

If proper measures are taken, the dangers and accidents associated with Kick scooters can be reduced to 0%. Two out of three accidents involve the children who are below 14-years-old. It’s commonly seen that kick scooters often collide with pedestrians and cars. 

The most common injuries associated with kick scooter accidents include head injuries, cuts, abrasions, and bone fractures (wrist bone fracture is common). 

While you’re riding a kick scooter, you shouldn’t compromise your safety in any way. Wear a bicycle helmet, wrist guard, elbow guard, and knee guard for proper safety.

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Final Thoughts

The discussion mentioned above is all about kick scooter vs. electric scooter. The kick scooter promises low maintenance and exceptional affordability. Whereas, the electric motorized scooter is quite the opposite of kick scooter. Although the electric scooter offers excellent speed and effortless smooth riding, it involves a high risk of road accidents. 

We recommend you go for a kick scooter if you are short on budget, concerned about safety, looking for a lightweight and portable transport to travel between short distances. However, to experience effortless and fast riding, an electric scooter has been just as incredible as ever. 

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