KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC Review

E-bikes have never been the epitome of sportiness. For enduro biking, regular bikes are anyone’s top choice. But KTM changed the whole scenario when they launched the Freeride E series bikes.

Thanks to that super sporty e-bike, the electric bike’s, in general, garnered more attention. And the pioneer has come back again in 2020 to make its mark in the market with the KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC.

So, if you’re a fanatic of enduro bikes, looking for a new ride to take on the country-trails, then you need to check it out.

KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC Size Chart:

Rated output12hp @ 4500 rpm
Torque42 Nm
TransmissionSingle speed
BatteryLithium-ion KTM PowerPack
Electric motorPermanent magnet synchronous motor
Max power24.5 hp @ 5000 rpm
Front & Rear BrakeFormula disc
SuspensionWP Xplor PDS shock absorber (rear)

Key Features:

KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC

Available colors:

No doubt, the KTM e-bike is the sleekest looking bike I’ve ever seen. It has a glowing orange and white frame. Plus, the dope blue graphics with a bit of black here are there gives a striking look to the bike. It’s slim and stylish that you can’t help but look back to it again and again.

KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC Key Features:

So, what’s the KTM freeride electric dirt bike has to offer is a big question? Does the bike perform on the same scale as the regular KTM enduro bikes, or it fails to match them in quality? To know all that, keep on reading.

Power Modes:

Standing right beside the KTM SX-E Freeride electric motorbike, you can fee it’s not a regular bike. There is a nice display on the bike. You will find it between the steering head and the seat. And using this, you can get 3-different power deliveries to the motorbike.

The 3-modes offered by the Ready To Race bike helps the rider to adjust to the terrain better. For instance, in the “Economy” mode (Mode 1), you will be able to ride the motorcycle in a 50 km/h speed limit. So, when you’re just starting to ride off-road and trying to get a feel of the track, this mode will be best for you.

When you take it to the “Enduro” mode (Mode 2), you unleash 21hp on it while the “Cross” mode (Mode 3) lets you enjoy the max power of the bike. Depending on your skill, this bike enables you to adjust it.


You expect to see an intelligent system in work in the KTM E-XC, and that’s what you will get. Here, the electric motor on the bike uses a state-of-the-art control unit. 

KTM designs it for this e-bike mainly. With the help of it, the bike ensures you to give responsive and consistent power. There is no multiple transmission to get to the top speed. You’ve got full torque at your fingertips with just a tap—no need to worry about shifts and clutches anymore.

And combining it with the power modes, you can get controlled power output. Therefore, it is easy to tame.


So, on the KTM electric supermoto, you will get both front and rear suspension. At the front, KTM uses the WP XPlor 43 fork. The fork has two sets of 43 mm upside-down legs.

What makes it unique is its sensitive feel and resistance to bottoming-out. Both the fork legs have their spring system in place. And they have their separate damping traits: left one for compression, the right one is for rebound. With a simple dial on the fork, you can adjust it in seconds.

To complement the front suspension, you will get a WP PDS XPlor shock absorber. In most KTM enduros, you will find this progressive damping system in action. It not only takes on the shocks to keep the bike stable but also helps the motorbike to adjust to the high and low speeds compression damping.


The KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC warranty package is something you’ve to negotiate with the dealership yourself. You will find various insurance offers that might offer you a warranty period from 12 to 36 months. But the one thing for sure, you will get a 3-year warranty life on the lithium-ion battery.

How does the KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC work?

Using the KTM freeride electric dirt bike isn’t that hard. First, turn it on, pressing the red switch on the throttle. Then activate the motorcycle using the mode display. There you will find a button on the button that will let you do that.

When you activate, the light indicators around the display will light up. Now, to know in which mode you’re on, press the button again, and it will blink the mode you’re using. To change the modes, press and hold the button for 3-seconds. That’s it.


You’ve got an idea about some of the key features. But other than those things, what other aspects are there that makes it such a lucrative deal? Let’s find it out. 


On the KTM freeride, you will get a steel-aluminum composite frame. This specialized frame gets forged by KTM for their Enduro bikes. The reason behind this is that it gives the ride the ruggedness needed to handle the cross-country trails. Even it can take on the abuse of the high jumps without any issue.

But to give that stability, the bike doesn’t need to put on any massive weight. The chrome-molybdenum steel and aluminum composite is super lightweight. Therefore, the E-model bike can move faster and be more nimble around the corners.


The critical difference between the KTM e-bike and any of their other KTM enduro bike’s is the noise. With any powerful motorbike-like such, you’ve got to be ready to embrace people’s death stare.

Not with this one. The emission-free electric ride makes no sound at all. If you want, take it to the suburbs and ride at full throttle. No buzz. Just another calm day at the neighborhood.


KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC

The battery system on the bike is quite exceptional. Right below the seat, you got a massive lithium-ion battery case. It got a handle on it for easy picking up and removing from the slot.

Now, with a full charge, you can get about one and a half hours of fun on the bike. That’s quite a long run time on an e-bike, to be honest. But what’s even better is its charging time. You will need about 110 minutes to get it to 100%. To get to 80%, that would be about 75 minutes.

And charging won’t be an issue. You can connect it to any 230V socket.


The KTM enduro e-bike got quality components and features, but what does it is missing. Let’s see it for yourself.


The seat on the KTM isn’t the best. You will feel like sitting on a hard wooden plank at times. Though while riding through the country-trails, Enduro bikers prefer to ride it standing up, but still having a good seat is a must when you want to take the bike for a spin in a chill mode.


I think it’s better not to sugarcoat it. The KTM Freeride E-XC price isn’t for everyone. That’s because it has a base price that starts from €11000+. That’s not something many can afford.

But for a bike that gives such a clean and forced power with no noise, this is an innovative ride that only a few can appreciate. At least, you will feel good that you’re doing something good for the environment by picking up the electronic bike.

Additional Features:

Yes, the KTM E-bike isn’t a perfect machine. There are some flaws to it, which is not surprising as there is nothing perfect in this world. But it has more good to offer than the things not going for it. Let’s see some of them.


No clutch! You won’t see one in the E-bike, that’s true. So, what about the brakes? No worries, you’ve got brakes that get mounted with the handlebar.

Here, you will get to enjoy the Formula brake system. A 260mm wave brake disc at the front and 230mm one at the rear. The front one has a radial 4-piston caliper where the rear got 2-piston.

Both of them generate efficient stopping power to get the bike in a standstill position when you need it.

Charge indicator

You will see a series of LED lights around the power modes. What they do is indicate the charge level of your bike’s battery. When it’s green, you have the power to ride the bike, but when it starts flashing red, that means it’s time to get it back home.

Don’t worry; you will get enough information about the bike’s charge. If you’re down to the last green light, it means the battery is at a 50-30% charge. When it goes to yellow, it is 30-20%. And flashing red means it’s time to take it back.

Power regenerate:

One great thing about the bike is its power regenerate mode. When you’re riding in the Economic (Mode 1), coasting downhill, it starts to renew the energy. That gives you more added time to ride the motorbike.


The KTM Electric Bike Freeride E-XC has shown the path for others in the e-bike enduro industry. And looking at their latest 2020 model, I can only say, they are again proving why they are the pioneers in this sector.

This off-roader is easy to ride, has the power to go hard and fast through the trails, and can take the beating of the unexpected tracks.

If you want some fun time with ultimate power, this is what you should put your trust in, hands down!

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