What You Need To Know About Mobility Scooter Speed Increase

Mobility scooters are getting popular day by day. It is designed to have a low-speed limit. It makes it appropriate for all ages of people. Some people still find some ways to increase the speed of the scooter

I know it’s not always appropriate to increase the speed. Even you can’t increase it too much because of the design. But some excited people are always searching for how to make scooter faster? Besides, some people can’t get proper speed from their old scooters. Yes, there are some ways to increase the speed a little bit. 

In this article, I will show you some mobility scooter speed increase processes. Some of them are costly, some are easy and some require mechanical experience. Worry not, I will describe all the details.

Keep in mind, you can’t increase the speed a lot. But surely you can improve it and run faster. If you are a busy person then it may help you in some cases. So let’s enter the main topic now.

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster?

mobility scooter speed increase

I will discuss 5 ways to increase speed. Read them carefully. If you really feel it essential then you can apply it in your scooter.

1. Replace the Battery

You have to choose a powerful battery. Make sure the voltage of the new battery is higher than the old one. The power of a battery depends on the voltage. If the battery gets high voltage it will be more powerful.

A powerful battery helps the motor run faster. So ultimately the scooter will go faster.

2. Remove the Speed Limiter

If you have a speed limiter in your bike then you have another way to increase the speed of your scooter. Speed Limiter generally controls the speed of the scooter. It doesn’t allow the scooter to run faster.

Most of the mobility scooters are designed with more speed limit than it has. But there is a law of maximum speed limit. For that, they use a speed limiter. If you can remove the speed limiter you will get more speed.

The speed limiter is a safety feature. I don’t suggest to remove it. But if you feel your scooter really slow, you can try this. 

3. Add an Extra Battery

You can also add another battery. The dual battery will provide a good speed. Don’t think that it will provide double speed. It will get more voltage and be more powerful.

So the motor will get more power to run faster.

4. Change the Sprockets

It is another mobility scooter speed increase method to increase speed. It is not so much costly as well. You can change the sprockets and may get a couple of miles speed more. Use large sprockets on the front side and small sprockets on the backside.

5. Rewind the Motor Coil

It is an effective way to increase speed. But it requires an advanced mechanism. Rewind the coil of the motor and decrease windings per coil.

It will decrease torque and increase rpm. As a result, the scooter will run at a better speed.


I have already described some ways. All of them are not easy and safe. You must have to maintain some safety while trying them. Must read the safety tips given below.

  • Do not try to perform any motor-related task alone. (If you are not an expert)
  • If you want to remove the speed limiter, make sure you are about the model. The different bike has a different design. You may not know exactly where is the speed limiter and how to remove it. I suggest you go to any repair shop and remove it from the professionals.
  • Before changing the battery, make sure the voltage and power.
  • If you are not an expert, stay away from applying any process.

What is the Maximum Speed of a Mobility Scooter?

I have already mentioned, mobility scooters are not designed for racing. It is used for nearby riding. So, speed is not a big factor in the case of a mobility scooter. 

If you really want to increase the speed, you need to know the maximum speed of your scooter. Speed varies from scooter to scooter. If you are having an old small scooter with a low-speed range, you don’t have to do lots of things. If you are already having a high-quality bike then you may have to work more.

People generally ask what is the speed range of a mobility scooter. In the case of a low-graded scooter, it is 10-15 mph. A good quality scooter has a range from 15-25 mph. 

There are some speed specialist mobility scooters. They have a good speed range. You can raise up to 35 mph from the scooter.

How Far can a Mobility Scooter Go?

A mobility scooter is not designed for a long ride. How long you can go depends on battery power. Most of the scooters come with a rechargeable battery. The battery will determine how long it can run in one charge. 

There are different types of scooters with different battery power and mobility scooter speed adjustment features. The low-graded scooters can go 6-10 miles in one charge. They don’t have any speed control feature. 

A mobility scooter should go 20+ miles after one full charge. A quality scooter can run 20-30 miles. 

There are some awesome scooters. The scooters are manufactured with a very powerful battery. It will provide more than 45 miles of riding after one charge. You can ride a long distance having this kind of bike.

The riding distance can be decreased for some reason. If you are taking a big load or huge shopping then it may be affected. Besides, an old battery will never provide accurate riding distance. 

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Final Verdict

The main motive of this article is to answer the question-how to make your mobility scooter faster? I have already described 5 different ways to increase it.

I think it will be a bit tough. Besides, all these ways may not work on your scooter model. First, understand the design and mechanism of your scooter. Then try to understand which mobility scooter speed increase method will be appropriate for your scooter. Hopefully, any of my described methods will work for your scooter.

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  1. i have a mobility scooter A Mayan. ac…by Horizon mobility Twerksbury .Gloucestershire…..large scooter class. 3. 1000.ah . batteries. but only goes. on a good day. 14mile. advertised. 25…or 40klm..but batts lose power quick…shut off/on power goes back to top…holds 63st….i want to know can you make scooter go further. with mechanics.? batteries 2wks old. running in. ..10amp charger

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