Best Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting Guide on 7 Common Problems

While we talk about a mobility scooter, we talk about something reliable to continue our everyday outing. However, do you have a mobility scooter? Are you having trouble riding it? Then here, you will get a perfect mobility scooter troubleshooting guide on most common problems.

Usually, most of the problems happen with your mobility scooter regarding battery, motors, tires, throttle pot, and ignition switch.

Besides, there are some other relevant reasons you can get troubled while using your scooter. So, let’s see what those problems are and what their solutions are.

Troubleshooting-1: Battery Issue

The battery is an essential part of a mobility scooter. Due to a faulty battery, you can face many problems with your scooter. The battery can cause mobility scooter charging problems and power-cutting problems.

Most of the time, you will see that the scooter isn’t taking charge properly. This charging problem can happen due to two reasons. One can be for the loose connection of the charger, and another is for the faulty battery.

Also, when the voltage in your scooter battery is much low, it creates a continuous beeping problem.


  • If It is Battery Problem

If you find the problem happening because of the battery, then check if your battery gets old. If so, you need to replace it. Trying to run your scooter with an old battery will decrease your scooter life as well, besides the charging problem. 

But, make sure whether the charging problem is occurring due to battery or not. Then decide whether to change it.

  • Lose Connection

The charging problem also happens while the connection between the charge port and the charger plug is losing. So, check out properly the charger plug whether you have plugged in correctly while charging. 

  • Beeping Problem

Charge the scooter or replace the batteries to remove your beeping problem. 

Troubleshooting-2: Fuses

Another critical part of the scooter is its fuse. You should give priority to the scooter fuse as much as the battery. 

Fuse is essential to keep connecting all the wires of your scooter parts. If any of the scooter part’s wiring is miss-matched or broken, your mobility scooter will stop working well.


Also, a scooter fuse protects the electric parts from damage through short-circuiting or overload of power.

However, if you find the fuse is melting, you must be sure that the wiring inside is not playing well.

How to Fix

To solve the problems that happen due to fuse, we recommend you to go through the manufacturer’s manual. It will help you understand the fuse panel on the scooter.

And, while you find any thin wire disconnected or broken, replace it with a new one.

Replacing the wires is too easy, and you don’t need to be an expert to fix this. But if you’re newly doing this job, then read the manuals. Everything is understandable there. 

After reading that manual, you can understand the type of fuse you need to choose for your scooter. Also, you will get how to install the fuse.

Finally, you can take your scooter back on the road.

Troubleshooting-3: Motor Issue

The highly reliable part of a scooter is its motor.  You can consider a motor as the heart of a scooter. So, the significance of this part is uncountable. In general, the motor keeps functioning well as the most durable part of your scooter. 

Motor Issue

But still, if you experience any problem like- bouncing or lurching, you have to get it due to the motor lacking. And, it happens while the scooter motor is outdated.

How to Fix

Usually, we don’t ask you to replace a motor yourself unless you have previous experience. 

However, there are two possible ways to fix these bouncing or lurching problems of your scooter.

  1. Motor Replacing
  2. Scooter Replacing

We don’t support buying a new scooter instead of replacing a new motor. But if it takes a maximum amount of money to replace a new motor, it is better to decide on a new scooter.

However, we have already been told that it will not be good to fix a motor with zero experience. Still, if you have an urge to do it yourself, read the mobility scooter repair manual carefully. Also, you can take help from a professional scooter-servicer if necessary.

Troubleshooting-4: Ignition Switch Issue

You can consider the ignition switch of your scooter almost similar to the riding lawnmower or car. But the keys often can be broken and stuck inside the throttle. And, if your keys break inside the throttle for once, it is tough to get out.

Ignition Switch Issue

How to Fix

Disconnect the battery of your scooter before going to replace an ignition switch. Now clean the battery. A can of air will be an excellent helper to blow away to make your ignition fixing quick and effortless.

But if you see this method isn’t working, you have to think about replacing the ignition. But, installing an ignition is pretty easy that you can do it yourself. But, it is quite a lengthy process, so you have to keep patience.

Besides, you can remove the key using a pair of pliers as well.

TroubleShooting-5: Potentiometer Issues

A Potentiometer works as a voltage divider of your scooter. A Potentiometer is wholly involved in the entire volume of throttle control. That means it controls the speed of your scooter at riding time.

Potentiometer Issues

So, imagine the significance of your scooter potentiometer. Now the question is how you can understand the potentiometer is not working.

Well, if you see the scooter start running slowly without your command, it means the potentiometer is about to fail.

How to Fix

Fixing your potentiometer problem is not that tough to do it yourself. Check out the fuses, mainly the fuses that are inside the potentiometer. If you find it broken, then the good solution is to replace it.

Troubleshooting- 6: Moving Issue through Freewheel lever 

Many scooters keep a freewheel lever option so that you can push the scooter like a wheel if necessary.

Moving Issue through Freewheel lever

But, this freewheel lever option can throw you a little trouble. And that is the moving problem of your scooter means mobility scooter won’t move.

How to fix 

To solve the mobility scooter freewheel lever problem, disconnect that freewheel lever, and your scooter will start moving immediately.  

Troubleshooting-7: Flat Tires

Flat Tires

It is a very common issue for a scooter to get its tires worn out. Generally, it happens because of overtime riding your scooter. So, you should take care of your scooter tires if you want to increase the scooter life.

How to Fix It

If you are good at fixing car tires, you must fix your scooter tires much more easily. It is because installing car tires and scooter tires is much similar.  

But, what if you don’t have a car and don’t know how to fix a tire? Well, you do not need to be worried here.  Just read the manual and install your tire. It is pretty understandable.


Why does my mobility scooter suddenly stop? 

This kind of problem occurs mainly because of a defective switch in your scooter. You can fix it with the help of a technician. But remember, you shouldn’t lubricate the switch. It will be damageable for your scooter.

What things can I consider wrong with my mobility scooter problem? 

Things that you can consider wrong in terms of your scooter can be its motor, battery, charger, and so on.

Where is the reset button on an electric scooter? 

Well, to find out the reset button on your mobility scooter is too simple. You will find this reset button on the left of your scooter battery box.

The function of a reset button is to turn on/ off the power automatically while the motor is overloaded.

Why is my Shoprider beeping? 

While the scooter’s control box will find a problem, it will keep beeping. In this case, we recommend you to meet the expertise of your dealer. They can easily detect the problem of that beeping issue. 


A mobility scooter means something worthwhile, especially for senior citizens. They find it comfortable to do their everyday riding. 

However, we hope our troubleshooting guide will be a great help for your scooter problem. And, we will be happy if you can solve your problem by going through our guide. 

Leave your valuable comment on whether our mobility scooter troubleshooting guide is helpful to you. 

Also, let us know if you have any other relevant problems/quarry. And, we will try our best to respond to your problems.  

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  1. A friend has a brand new 8mph mobility scooter. The 1st time she tried it out, it reared up like a horse, nearly turfing her out the back. She is now too scared to try it again. What might be the cause and how do we solve it please?

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