Mobius X8 knee brace Review

Looking at the Mobius X8 knee brace, you will feel like you’re looking at some Iron-Man armor. It will change your idea of what kneepad can be.

Now, as motocross riders, most of us want safety, no doubt. But we like to look like a rockstar too.

That’s why many of you opt for the Mobius knee brace for dirt bike riding. But are they any good?

To get answers to your question, check out this Mobius X8 knee pad review.

Mobius X8 knee brace sizing chart:

  • X-SMALL: 15″ – 17″ 
  • SMALL: 17″ – 19″     
  • MEDIUM: 19″ – 21″  
  • LARGE: 21″ – 23″     
  • X-LARGE: 23″ – 25″  
  • XX-LARGE: 25″ – 27″

For the right size, measure the thigh 6-inches up from your knee cap’s center. That way, you will be able to figure out the right size brace.

Mobius X8 Knee Brace Review

Key Features:

Ok, the knee pads look out of this world. We all know that. Besides that, what more does it have to offer? Let’s find it out.

Available colors:

You can get it in two color varieties. There is one in Storm gray/crimson which resembles Thor’s armor that he wears. And the other one is white/acid yellow. This one is like the armor that Avenger’s wears for the money heist (too many Marvel references, I know!). So, you can get a quick idea about the color just when I say about them. But you can look it up and see it for yourself.

Are they good in quality?

Colors will make it look good. But it’s the quality that will make it your ultimate biking gear. So, see if it has what it takes.


The kneepads from the future use forged aluminum for many of the parts. From the marking, fastener to the hinges, they get used all around to give it a strong structure.

Not to forget, it uses 20% of fiberglass. It gives your knee the protection needed from the falls. But without compromising any flexibility or comfort.

At the rear, you will find a tendon plate. It will help to wrap the high-quality stainless steel fiber cable around your leg. The material is also flexible so that you don’t feel any constraint.


Inside the knee pad, you will enjoy EVA foam padding. What’s unique about them from your regular ones is that they conform to the shape of your leg. So, you get maximum comfort with a superior grip. The best bit is, they don’t absorb sweat—no foul odor, therefore.


Do a motocross knee braces comparison on warranty; I don’t think many will match the one that the Mobius has to offer.

That’s because it offers a full year’s warranty on any manufacturing defects. All you need is to show them the purchase receipt.

Just take it where you bought it from, and they will take care of it for you.

How does Mobius X8 work?

Putting the Mobius on the knee isn’t that hard. On the back, you will find four braces and a plate. You will find them numbered. When putting it on, follow the numbers to strap the pad.

The dials on top let you adjust the plate. By rotating it, you can ease it up a bit or tight it. When you’ve got that all figured out, then put the pad on. Just make sure the knee guard on it is on the over the cap of your knee. After placing it there, just put the straps on following the serial.

That’s it!


Ok, the Mobius X8 knee brace has quality materials, exquisite colors, and a great warranty. But what other features are there which will make you a fan of it? Find them out here.

Knee cap:

With most braces out there, you don’t have anything to protect the knee cap. They avoid that part to make it more comfortable. But when you are getting a kneepad, you expect to get full protection. And that’s where the knee cap comes handy. It saves the knee from getting busted. So, it works as both a knee brace and a guard.

What’s even more impressive is that they offer an adjustable block on it. You can remove it to get the right amount of knee extension. Therefore, the knee brace is flexible, like the regular ones.


Having comfortable padding won’t be of no good if the knee brace keeps falling off from its place. That’s why the Mobius X8 uses 4-straps to keep it fixed in place. And it’s not just any typical straps.

You’ve got 3-velcro straps that are labeled 1,3 and 4. Plus, there is another sling-style backplate to keep it tight to your knee. As I’ve mentioned earlier, while putting the knee brace on, follow the serial to strap them.


While looking at it, this one feels like it will be hefty. But in reality, the Mobius X8 weighs just over 3 pounds. All thanks to the aluminum and fiberglass build of it that gives it the impact resistance without even adding any real weight to it.

Plus, it’s flexible, so you won’t have any problem walking wearing it. It will feel like a part of your body.


It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Nothing in this world can be perfect. There will always be one thing or another that might be wrong or needs improvement. What can be that for the Mobius?


In all honesty, the big issue that many would have with the Mobius is the price. I won’t say it’s a drawback. But people who are looking for something within a budget, the cost can be too much. And it’s not for them.

But if you look at it this way, it’s insurance for your knee. Better you pay some more bucks to protect the knee rather than lying down in the hospital bed, paying thousands of dollars in bills for broken knees.


The winding and tightening dial makes it easy to set the knee brace nicely on your leg. But the continuous use of it leads to some issues. The cables start to jam or slow down, which can be irritating.

To avoid such a problem, you need to oil the parts. That way, the ratcheting system will work smoothly, just like new.

Additional Features:

Maybe you’ve got your answers. You’ve weighed down the good from the bad, but before doing that, let’s check if there is something that you’ve missed to see on the Mobius X8.


With the help of the CCRS system on Mobius, you can protect the knee ligaments. Not just that, it will help you resist any excessive movement when there is extreme load. The cable works as a clamping system hold and protects the knee from hyperextension.


Unlike the typical knee braces, it doesn’t constraint your movement when it’s fit tight on the knee. The lightweight material and foam inside give you the flexibility to walk as if it’s not there.


No doubt, dirt biking is so much fun, but it’s risky too. You never know when you get dropped from the bike losing control due to the unpredictability of the track. That’s why you need quality safety gear.

That’s where knee braces like the Mobius X8 will come to your rescue.

If you’ve followed the Mobius X8 knee brace review, you can see the things speaks of high quality. So, get it if you want to keep yourself safe and look cool.

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