The Best Step-by-Step Motorcycle Wheel Balancing Guide for the Beginner

Whenever you buy a new motorcycle wheel, you must balance them perfectly. A perfect motorcycle wheel balancing job means many things towards safe riding. 

However, are you looking for a complete guide on how to balance a motorcycle wheel? Then here you are!

We have prepared our content based on all the fundamental info regarding your motorcycle wheel balancing procedures. Therefore, you will get a phenomenal step-by-step guide here.

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Necessary Tools You Need to Begin

To make an excellent outcome of your motorcycle wheel balancing project, you need to get all the necessary tools ready. Or else, it will distract you from giving the whole effort. 

So, we give the first priority to tool management. However, let’s see what you need while balancing a motorcycle wheel.

How to Balance Your Motorcycle Wheel

Before making your way outside, you must check whether your motorcycle wheel needs to get balanced. It will give you extra confidence regarding your road safety.

Besides, while you will add weight to your bike wheel, it will bring you more stable and controllable riding. So, let’s get started to learn in detail how you can balance your bike wheel. 

Well, we will show you the bike wheel balancing procedures through two parts where you will get Part-1 and Part-2-

Part-1: Balancer Settings

  1. Take the wheel off first and hold the motorcycle along with the stand. Now, you have to loosen the lug nuts from the wheels with the help of a wrench. But, make sure the nuts are in a safe place so you don’t lose them.

Now set the balancer that is static on a surface. You can buy a static balancer online, spending around 100 dollars.

  1. Test your balancer using a level. You can use any home improvement level as well. It is due to check the balancer’s constancy.

Here, you will have to put the level on the balancer, and if it is not leveled yet, then fasten it using tape. Keep moving to a different spot unless it is appropriately leveled. You need to make sure of a magnetic level to stick it to the balancer properly.

  1. In this step, you have to slide the wheel perfectly onto the balancer. There will be a metal rod that consists of two cones. Pull off the cone to the rod and slide the wheel on the rod. Now keep pushing the axle sleeve on the cone.

At this point, you need to put another cone back to your balancer rod. And then fix it into the axle sleeve. But, make sure it fits tightly. If not, keep pushing.

Now center the wheel between the cone and the rod.

  1. If you already have finished balancing your motorcycle wheels, clean them using cloth. You will find it easy to clean around the wheels. Deposits can tilt your wheel’s balancing results. So, clean the wheels correctly.

Part-2: Balancing the Wheel’s Weight

  1. Spin the wheels vigorously and let them turn several times. While the wheel stops rounding, the most substantial part of the wheel will get down the bottom.
  1. Now, wrap the bottom part of your wheel using tape. Here you can use the masking tape if you want. 
  1. You have now to place the wheel weight on the rim and secure it using the masking tape. In this case, we suggest you purchase the adhesive wheel weights following 5 to 10 gm sizes.

Although we found the non-adhesive wheel weights more productive, it is expensive to afford. But, still you can do your job confidently using the adhesive weight. So, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. It’s now time to balance your wheel by removing weights. First, you have to include weights on top of the wheel (to the lightest part). If you see the feature is on top again right after adding weight to the lightest part means you have to add more weight to get a perfect balance. 
  1. Do not add weight if the wheel is already balanced.
  1. It is now time to secure the weight before you replace the wheel. At this point, remove the adhesive weight and push it onto the rim. 

Make sure the weight can fit inside the rim perfectly. Place your motorcycle wheel, and your motorcycle wheel balancing has been finished.

So, enjoy your riding.

Essential Tips

Motorcycle Wheel Balancing

It is really tough to balance motorcycle wheels appropriately because you cannot manage the exact size of weight in the market. Therefore, we suggest you not to get worried. And try to balance the wheel evenly as much as possible. It is okay if you find it a little off.

And, still, if you cannot do this at all, then meet the professional at mechanical shops. They are pretty expert at balancing motorcycle wheels. And, due to their service, you don’t have to spend a massive amount of money.

How to balance a spoked motorcycle wheel?

It would help if you balance a spoked motorcycle wheel properly so that it can stay still. It is because you will not get any heavier thing that can drag the wheel around.

How to balance a dirt bike wheel

You can effortlessly balance the dirt bike wheel from the inside out.

Do all sorts of motorcycle wheels need balancing?

Yes, it would help if you balanced your motorcycle wheel regularly to make your riding out of harm’s way. Unbalanced wheels, on the other hand, are caused by the bad performance of a motorcycle. And, later, it will lead to a risky trip.

How can I understand that my motorcycle wheels necessitate balancing?

Well, when you see the following-

  • Faster Tread Wear
  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Vibration in the steering wheel

So, while you see these problems are happening with your bike wheels, you need to focus on motorcycle wheel balancing.


Suppose you are a professional or beginner to balance your bike wheel. All you need is to have the necessary equipment, and you can easily do your wheel balancing job.

However, you might understand the importance of learning to balance a motorcycle wheel. To make sure your ride is safe and smooth; you must focus on a motorcycle wheel balancing job.

Yet, we have suggested to all the easiest ways how to balance a bike wheel. So, if you follow our guidelines, you can easily bring a solution to bike wheel balancing.

We hope our guide will help you out by removing your confusion. Let us know if you get facilitated from our content to make us inspired for more issues in the future.

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