Razor mx350 dirt rocket electric motocross bike reviews

Say what you want, be an adult or a kid, everyone wants to have fun. But keeping kids entertained is hard.

You can figure out adults, not kids.

But what if I tell you, there is a sure-shot way to win the kids. Just take your kid to a dirt track and let them ride a bike.

Sounds crazy!

Not at all. Go through this razor mx350 dirt rocket electric motocross bike reviews, and you’ll know what I’m trying to say.

Razor mx350 dirt rocket electric motocross size chart:

  • Motor: 350 watts, chain-driven
  • System: Electric
  • Battery: 24V sealed lead acid
  • Speed: 12 mph
  • Charge time: 12 hours
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Dimension: 44×24.5×31 inches
  • Weight: 70.25 lbs
  • Weight limit: 140 lbs
  • Brakes: Hand-operated rear
  • Tires: 12″ pneumatic front and rear
  • Fork: Double crown
  • Type: Unisex

Key Features:

Razor Mx350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Reviews

Ok, no parent in sound mind will hand their kid a bike. Let’s get that clear. But it isn’t your typical bike. The Razor Mx350 dirt rocket is an e-bike made for the kids. It’s safe for the kids and the environment.

So, if you want your kids to find a new passion in life, it’s a great place to start. At least, that’s what looks like on paper. But does it hold up to the expectation? Let’s find out.

Available colors:

Before getting into the heart of it, the first thing you see is how it looks. And the scaled-down Razor dirt rocket Mx350 electric bike doesn’t disappoint.

It has a great blue color frame with some thunder artwork on it. And a big “5” logo at the front and the side.

Are they good in quality?

Now, coming to the business end of the bike, the parts that make it. Let’s see what the Razor Mx350 stores for us.


Even though it is a mini bike, it hides a powerful 350-watt electric motor inside it. This high torque, chain-driven motor, therefore, gives the push needed to make the climbs on the off-road tracks.

With a top speed of 12 mph, it can move fast on those dirt tracks with ease—making those sharp and sudden turns without losing any of the power. For the kids who are just getting into the off-road action, that’s a lot of fun. At the same time, for the parents, it isn’t that fast to make them lose their sleep.

Power source:

Inside the bike, you will find a 24V lead-acid battery. Razor uses two 12V rechargeable batteries to make the battery pack for the bike.

Being sealed, it is much safer to have a ride that has to take a lot of abuse. Even after regular drops and crashes, there isn’t any leaking in the cell. Therefore, no accidental fire hazards, unlike some bikes.

And in terms of performance, those dual 12V batteries can give the rider 30 minutes of limitless fun. With that much time, the kid can cover up to 7 miles on the trail at the top speed.

In short, the Razor Mx350 battery life is impressive.

Easy to control:

From Razor Mx350 dirt bike reviews, you will find that this is a single-speed bike. If your children are just starting into riding a two-wheeler, then there is no better way to begin.

Plus, as it uses a twist-throttle grip to shift the power from low to the top speed, this gives the rider a feel of what real riding is.

All of those things, give the young one a chance to have more control over their rides. They don’t feel like it’s too much to handle. And that’s what you want when they are just starting.

Kudos to electric Razor motorcycles for being able to achieve that with it.


If you’ve come across Razor mini bikes like such in the past, then you might be aware of what’s waiting for you.

But if you don’t know, then it’s a 90-day period from the date you get your bike.

That insurance is just for the electrical parts of the bike, and nothing else. If you break anything while riding, or make any changes in the bike, say goodbye to that deal.

How does the Razor Mx350 dirt rocket work?

The electric razor motorcycles for kids are the easiest to work. They get made keeping the young riders in mind, therefore, they are effortless to use.

Right below the seat, on the frame, there is a big red button that you flick to power up the motor. Then hold on to the throttle grip and twist it to get the tires rolling.

Step aside, let the kid ride away to infinity and beyond (7 miles to be exact).


Without any doubt, the Razor Mx350 dirt rocket got the quality you’re looking for in your kid’s ride.

Is that enough?

I know you are asking yourself what more it has to offer. You will find that answer right below.

Build like a bull:

Underneath the stylish looking Razor e-bike, you will find a solid steel frame. It gives you the assurance to take it to the trails and move ahead with full steam. No need to worry as it will be able to withstand the falls. That’s what makes it perfect for rough riding.

Even the outer part that makes the racing geometric design gets made from durable plastic. Unlike others, they don’t fall into pieces when your kid drops with the bike.

Razor isn’t using any cheap stuff here. Only the best to keep the kids and their ride safe.

Pulls its weight:

At the end of the day, it’s a toy for the kid. And as a parent, you should know better than anyone. They can’t go anywhere without their favorite toy.

No doubt, they would take the Razor Mx350 with them when you’re going to your parents or for a cross-country trip.

Thankfully, it won’t be hard to take it with your other luggage. Weighing just about 70 pounds, you can put it in the trunk of the car or back of the truck.

Plus, the low weight makes it easier to store away. But just because your kid plays with it, don’t think it of a toy. This mini bike can pull off some serious weight. To be exact, 140 lbs. Many adults can even ride it for god’s sake.

Protects the rider:

Put your faith in the Razor mx350 24-volt dirt rocket electric motocross bike to keep your kiddo safe. There are so many features on the bike that work solely to make it securer for the safety of the biker.

The first noticeable thing is the tire on the Mx350. On front and rear, you will find some huge 12″ pneumatic tires. Those large knobby wheels offer the grip on the irregular dirt surfaces. Filled with air, they take in all the unevenness bumps the road has to offer. And in exchange, they give you the luxury to slide through the humps like riding on the flawless street.

That’s just the start.

Next in line you’ve got the dual crown fork on it. It gives more travel to the ride as it takes in the shocks from the road.

Then there is your rear handbrake. If something jumps out in front of the Mx350 all of a sudden, pressing the brake hard will make the bike stop on the spot. If that doesn’t make you confident about the bike. Doesn’t know what will!


Nothing can be perfect. Only you can try to attain perfection. For Razor Mx350, that’s also the case.

Undoubtedly, it got some great features, but it has some minor flaws too. They aren’t big, still, they are there.

So, I think you should better know about them.

Wait for ages:

When you buy an electric bike, you make a deal with the devil knowing that there will be some problems ahead. One such issue with the Mx350 is the battery’s charging time.

The first time when you take it out of the box, you will have to wait for at least 12 hours to get the cell fully boosted.

Let the kid then run around with it for 30 minutes before they have to walk it back home to plug it again to charge.

Begins the wait for another day to take hop into the bike and ride. Not so good for your electric bill either.

Put it together:

It’s not like Ikea furniture that will make you crazy when you try to put it together. Let’s get that straight. But it isn’t that enjoyable either.

Especially, when there are crucial parts like the handlebars and others that you need to place and fix them the right way.

Even the slightest of mistake in fixing them in their place can cause some serious damage to the ride, but more importantly to your kid. Theron, if you don’t feel confident in such work, get some expert help.

Additional Features:

Who doesn’t love to get more? That’s how we are, the more the merrier. Knowing that I couldn’t help but give you some more great insight into the ride.


The regular dirt bike is a nuisance. But the one here isn’t your typical ride. It is an e-bike. Therefore, expect it to be noiseless. It’s a stealth 2-wheeler that moves past the blocks without making any noise. Let the kids ride it in the neighbourhood, no one will complain.

Adjustable handlebar:

To accommodate all sizes of young riders, the electric razor motorcycles offer an adjustable handlebar system.

Now, depending on their comfort, the bike can bring the handle close or far from them. Up or low from their height. This will not only make it easier for them to grip and seat on the bike but will give them better control over it.

More and More:

Besides all that, the Razor Mx350 seat height is another aspect that you can’t miss. The rider gets easy to reach to the ground to get better manoeuvrability of their bike. At the same time, it isn’t too low, making their legs hit the ground while riding.

And to keep their legs up to not touch the road, the bike got foldable footpegs. That’s another hidden gem that many overlook.

But the best thing part is that in this dirt bike you get a kickstand. In the real ones often we crave the stand as we can’t keep the bike upright and have to leave it laying on the ground. But the kids don’t have to.

Isn’t it cool!

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Tracking down an e-bike for the youngling is not like getting any other toy. Their well-being is at stake here.

So, don’t make a haste decision and get the bike just by its looks.

That’s why this Razor mx350 dirt rocket electric motocross bike reviews the need of the hour.

It gives you all the info you need. From what’s great to what’s not that good, everything you want to know about the bike is right here.

Just read it through and make the right choice: Get the Mx350.

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