razor mx400 electric dirt bike review

Are you looking for a scaled-down e-bike for your kid? Maybe you’ve found many options but can’t figure out which one to choose.

Can’t blame you!

The market has many small electric bikes for the younger ones nowadays that it’s hard to pick.

So, why not just focus on one. Set the others on one side and look at the Razor MX400 review to find out if this E-bike is up to the task.

Razor MX400 size chart:

MotorHigh torque, chain-driven
Speed14 mph (top-speed)
Run time30 minutes
BrakeRear, hand-operated
HandlebarAdjustable-angle, riser style
Battery24V sealed lead acid
Charge time12hrs
Max weight140lbs
Razor MX400 review

Key Features:

The Razor MX400 in terms of the specs, resembles the Razor RSF350 a lot. But that’s all on paper. Does it match the same quality of the other e-bike that’s the big question?

Available Colors:

When it comes to the colors, the Razor dirt bike MX400 will be loved by the kids without any doubt. That’s because it comes in 4 exciting colors. They don’t have to settle.

Now, the colors the bike comes in are all great and attractive. To start, you got a nice lime green that’s hard to miss. The red bike will certainly get your kid’s heart racing with excitement. And if your kid doesn’t like to stick out like a sore thumb, the white variety will be the best choice.

Even after all that, if he’s not sure about the paint, then go with the black. You can never go wrong with it.

Are they in good quality?

Great colors. The kid’s Razor motorcycles got that going for it. But is the bike able to stand out in quality? Let’s find it out here.


To my surprise, the Razor MX400 comes with quite a powerful motor. It produces 350 watts, which is a lot for an E-bike (for kids). With the chain-driven motor, this single-speed bike can move at a top speed of 14mph.

It’s not that fast that you have to worry about the kids. Plus, it’s not that slow that might bore the kids to death. It hits the sweet spot as both kids and parents are happy.


Without a great battery system, the E-bike would be a disaster. And Razor knows that better than anyone. That’s why it introduced a state-of-the-art 24V lead-acid battery on the bike.

What Razor did is that they put together two rechargeable 12V batteries inside the bike. The two batteries produce enough power to support the bike to run at its top speed for at least half an hour. If you covert that time into miles, it will be around 10 miles in a single charge. That’s enough for the kids to make a couple of rounds on the block on their bike.

But to be honest, many E-bike’s today can give you that much run time. Some might even give you more. But what makes the lead-acid battery on this e-bike stand out than others is its performance over the years. The charge capacity of it doesn’t degrade much. It offers the same level of run time for a long time. That’s a good thing about the battery system.


When you look at the small bike, you expect it to be made of plastic. But you will get quality durable steel as the material. But it isn’t heavy at all. It gives the durability needed to a bike that kid’s going to ride. So, it can take the falls with grace. But it won’t add any real weight to the bike itself. Therefore, handling it won’t be an issue for the young guy (or gal).


With the Razor mx400 dirt rocket electric motocross bike, you will get a 90-day warranty. And that covers only defects. If your kid damages it or any failure occurs in this period, you won’t get any coverage.

But that’s not it. You need to make sure you don’t make any changes to the bike. Then the warranty gets void. But if anything is missing from the bike on the time of purchase, that gets covered under it. And if you want, you can extend the bike’s warranty, but that depends on what the retailer has to offer you.

How does the Razor MX400 dirt bike work?

There is nothing complex about it. All the kid has to do is press the power button and then twist-grip the throttle. The bike motor will then start moving the chains. And the chains connected to the wheels will get them rolling. That’s it.


Turns out in terms of quality, the Razor MX400 dirt rocket doesn’t compromise at all. Are you getting more interested in it? Then you need to take a look at some of its best features.


If you were a kid, you would have made your parents crazy to get this bike, trust me. Once you look at the bike, you can’t stop thinking about it.

The E-bike has a great look to it. The sleek design makes it stand out. And with those geometrical frames, this gives it a genuine dirt bike feel. Just like the regular bike, the small kid bike has that racing vibe to it, that gets most of us excited.

No surprise, it makes the kids go gaga for it. If I could’ve ridden one, I would’ve got one (not joking).


On the Razor dirt bike MX400, you will get an adjustable handlebar system. But it isn’t, in reality, a fully adjustable.

What it does is only go forward and backward a bit. The same way, the rising style handlebar goes up and down—not that much.

But for a kid’s bike, that’s enough as they wouldn’t need that much adjustment. The basic comfort changes they need, the handlebar will be able to offer that. So, kids of all sizes will get a good hold on it. That’s a great thing.

Comprehensive Protection:

Yes, you want your kid to have fun on the bike, but not at the cost of them getting hurt. That’s why safety is always on top of your checklist.

With the Razor, you won’t have any complaints. That’s because, on the bike, you will get a nice hand-brake system. This lets the bike come to a halt in an instance.

Besides that rear brake system, you will get a 12″ inch wheel. Even though it’s not a standard size, for a kid’s bike it works wonder. That is because it lowered the seat on the bike, making it easier for kids to hop on it. But more importantly, their foot reaches the ground. That gives them a better chance to maneuver the bike.

Other than that, the 12″ pneumatic knobby tires on it make the bike a dream ride. Even if your kids ride the bike on a hilly track, it won’t let them feel the bumps. The tire will absorb all of it to make the biker feel stable riding it.

Plus, the tires slide through mud and water the same way as it rides on a smooth road. That’s just amazing.


The Razor comes on top with all those great features. But there are slight issues with it that need a bit of improvement. Let’s take a look at them.

Size & weight:

For a kids bike, the 140lb weight capacity isn’t that bad. But if you consider the age group bikers it is for, I think it would have been better if it could have held even more weight.

The bike you’re looking at is suitable for 13+ users. But many teenagers might grow out of it, real quick. When you bought it, it might have been perfect for them. But just like that, within a year, they become too tall and build up those muscles that may not let them ride it anymore.

That’s why it should’ve increased the weight limit. For the recommended age group, the size and weight don’t seem suitable.


The Razor dirt bike MX400 doesn’t have any real suspension system to it. I know it’s too much to ask from a kid’s ride. But a dirt bike without a proper suspension doesn’t feel right.

Although, kids can ride in on dirt tracks without any problem. But a suspension system would have it a much better impact. The tires, however, work backup system on it.

Additional Features:

You can weigh the goods with the bads to come to a decision. But if you need a bit of push why you should think about it as your kid’s next ride, then this might help.


Dirt bike and kickstand don’t go hand in hand for some reason. That’s because they go down and cause sparks. And that you don’t want for the kids.

But this retractable kickstand keeps in its place when you put it up. It doesn’t come down. Plus, the kid can keep his bike upright when he isn’t riding it. So, the bike doesn’t get dirty lying down on the floor.

Value for money:

Kids outgrow things. Even one day, they won’t be happy riding the small bike and want to move to the real thing. That’s why spending big bucks on a starter bike doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why the Razor MX400 is such a great option. It gives the rider the feel of a real bike with a throttle system and other dirt biking aspects at an early age. And for that, you don’t have to make crazy spending.

It comes within a friendly budget that most can afford.

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It’s hard buying anything for the kids. Even a dirt bike. But after checking out the Razor MX400 review, hopefully, it won’t be that difficult.

You can see what this small bike can do. It is fast, safe, and, most importantly, gives the kid the chance to explore the outside world.

So, go for it. Get the motocross for your young one and let him go free. 

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