Razor MX500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review

Motocross is a fun and exciting sport. But it’s not just for adults; kids can also get into it too.

And maybe your kid is interested in it too. He can’t wait to get his hands on a 2-wheeler. But you’re not ready!

Why not start things slow with an e-bike. They give you the same experience in a more controlled way. But which one? There are too many options. You’re in a pickle.

Then this Razor MX500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review couldn’t have come at a better time for you.

Razor MX500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike size chart:

  • Engine: 500-watt, high-torque
  • System: Chain-driven
  • Battery: Sealed lead-acid
  • Capacity: 36V(three 12V)
  • Acceleration: Twist-grip
  • Brakes: Disc (Front and Rear)
  • Fork: Double crown
  • Frame: All-steel
  • Weight limit: 175lbs
  • Tires: 16-inch and 14-inch pneumatic (Front and Rear)

Key Features:

Razor MX500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review

The Razor MX500 specs give you an idea about the dirt bike. But does it stand up to the level mentioned there, or just it’s another on the paper beast and real-life disaster. Let’s find it out.

Available colors:

Looking at the bike, you can see a red color frame that dominates most of the bike. Then there are streaks of yellow, black, and white on the chassis. The colors are vibrant but not too flashy. It has that perfect balance that pleases the eye.

And to the kids, it presents the flashy speedy life in a scaled-down version of the real thing with those color schemes. So, both parents and kids are happy. A big win indeed from Razor’s part.

Are they good in quality?

It passes with flying colors in the looks department. But appearance isn’t the most crucial thing in a bike. What truly matters is the quality of the parts that make the ride. See if the Razor MX500 camo is any good in that regard.


Inside the motocross, you will find a 500-watt electric motor. And it’s not just any typical electric ride. This one is a high-torque, chain-driven system.

Being electric, it doesn’t make any noise. It generates those high-torque to climb up hills with silent action.

And with those 500-watts at disposal, the bike will be able to make the tires spin fast to move through dirt tracks without stopping.

So, how fast does the Razor MX500 go?

17mph! Yes, that’s right. This miniature kid bike can hit that kind of speed in those dirt-filled, unpredictable tracks where there is no traction with ease thanks to its powerful motor.


An E-bike without a battery is impossible. The same goes for the Razor. This one also has a battery to power up that powerful motor.

Just like all their electric bikes, this also houses a sealed lead-acid battery. When choosing such a bike, many just look at how much battery life it has to offer. That’s important no doubt, and I will get there too. But what’s more important is the type of battery you see in it.

As it uses a sealed lead-acid, you can take a deep breath of relief as there is no chance of spilling. Even if the kid takes the bike on the bumpiest of tracks, it won’t leak any liquid that’s inside the battery. Therefore, there is no risk of accidents happening. Plus, less maintenance, points for that.

And now, coming to the battery output. Here, you will get a 36volt battery pack. With that, your kid can get at least 40 minutes of non-stop use.


The bike moves using the tires. So, it is an important aspect that needs to be looked into for sure. And when you look at the tires on the razor dirt rocket mx500 high-performance electric motocross bike, you can see it’s for dirt riding.

Here, on the bike, you got big pneumatic tires. At the front, you will find a large, 16-inch tire while the rear one is 2-inches smaller than the front one.

Now, thanks to those big wheel sizes, the bike can move faster. At the same time, the tire treads on it help to bite into the loose tracks with dirt and gravel and find the traction needed to keep the rider on their bike, instead of the bike on them.

No surprise, those big, high-traction tires lets the bike take quick turns with more control. Plus, they take on the abuse of the tracks better than anything else there is. It’s like your backup suspension system. 


On the Razor MX500 36v, you will get a warranty of 90-days max. But there are many terms and conditions.

For instance, it is applicable for the Razor MX500 parts that are related to the electrical engine. Not for the entire bike.

Plus, the warranty isn’t valid if the rider damages the bike, only you can claim it if it comes with any defect or there is any part missing on the bike.

And if you make any modifications, the warranty will get void.

How does the Razor MX500 work?

If you are familiar with bikes like MX650 or any other MX models, then you will know how easy it is to ride the Razor MX500.

But if you don’t, then let me give you a quick tour.

On the bike, over the cover of the engine, you will find a big power switch. Flick it to start the power. Then hold the grip-throttle and twist it to get it up and running. Tires start to move and your kid starts to have fun.

And when they need to stop, just squeeze the break and it will come to a stop. Simple and effective.


Now, comes the part where we’ll dive in to find the best qualities of the bike that would make it clear to see why the Razor MX500 is worth the bucks.


Most of the e-bike in the market have a toyish feel to them. They feel like they will break after just one ride. Kids don’t feel excited about those toy rides.

But when you get a glance of the Razor MX500 camo, you know it’s not the same. It’s more like a scaled-down version of an actual dirt bike that adults ride. And kids love it about it.

On the bike, you will find authentic frame geometry that you see in the real things. And with those striking paint jobs, it invites the rider to take it to the limit.

Hands down, Razor did a great job with the styling.


Not only it gives you great styling, but it gives you a solid core too. When the Razor MX500 invites the rider to take it to the limit, it means it.

The rider can take it at full speed, making those sharp turns and jumping up on those mud ramps on the track without ever thinking about it. The bike won’t fall apart. That’s because it uses an all-steel frame that’s meant for those hardcore dirt bike stunts like the adult’s ride.

And not just the frame that is of high quality. Even the fairing on the bike is of top quality as they use shatter-resistant plastic to make them. No surprise, even after serious falls the bike can stand tall in one piece.

Comprehensive protection:

The bike has great pneumatic tires, it has a solid frame, but what more it has to offer to keep the rider safe.

To that, the MX500 has to say, dual suspension. That’s right! On the dirt rocket, you will get suspension at both front and rear. Therefore, it can take on the bumps and the unevenness better than most. The kid can ride it on a track with lots of rocks, potholes, and so on, but they won’t feel a bit of it. All will be taken care of by the suspension.

But that’s not it. To take safety measures to the next level, the kid bike got disc brakes too. Just like the suspension system, you get brakes at both front and rear.

Now, with just a simple squeeze action on the hand brakes, they can manage to take the bike speed down, if it’s too fast. And taking it all the way by squeezing the brakes hard, they can just make the bike stop on the spot. It responses that well.


Good top speed, great brakes, mind-blowing suspension, everything is going great for the bike. And in reality, it is a great e-bike. But it has some minor flaws too that can’t be overlooked. Let’s take a look at them.

Too long to charge:

It is not just a problem with the MX500, but most dirt e-bikes have the same issue. They take too long to charge. Kids will get a good 40 minutes on the bike before it runs out of charge. To get back to the track again, they have to wait, another 8 hours.

Compared to the many others, the charging time is less in this Razor. But if they can introduce fast charging to the bikes, then that would make them unstoppable.

A bit small:

Having a look at some of the Razor MX500 reviews, it turns out, the bike can be a bit small for kids aged 14+. Maybe younger kids won’t have such an issue, or kids aged above 14 too won’t have any problem.

But some of the teenagers have good genetics. They grow fast at an early age. Those will have a hard time fitting to the ride. The price they’ve to pay for those good genes.

Additional Features:

You’ve got some clear idea what the Razor MX500 is all about. However, there is more to it than meets the eyes. See it for yourself.

Adjustable handlebar:

To make riding comfortable for all, the e-bike like many of the Razor bikes has those adjustable handlebars.

Now, the rider can set the handlebar close or far from their seat, high or low from their hand height, to get a proper hold on it. This not only makes riding easy, but they get more control over their bike.

Weight limit:

The 79 kg weight limit on this mini e-bike is more than enough. You don’t expect a kid to be weighing much more than that. Therefore, teenagers can hop on it and enjoy some quality time on it for longer years. It’s not just a one-year use ride like many others. Unless your kid grows to become a giant overnight.

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At the start of the Razor mx500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review, I don’t know what you had in mind. But I can guarantee, you didn’t expect to get that much quality in a kid’s ride.

So, if you want to give your kid the gift of excitement, thrill in a safe package, there aren’t many that can offer what the MX500 has.

Don’t take my words for it. See it for yourself.

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