Razor mx650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review

Usually, kids can’t wait for summer breaks. Schools close down, and they have all the time in the world to play and have fun. But with the current Covid-19, every day is a vacation. And kids can’t take the long break anymore.

They have sat home for a long time and exhausted all their resources to have fun.

What’s next? 

If you want to give your kid a fun way to spend time on his own, why not get him a dirt bike.

That’s right!

Check out the razor mx650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review to find a great gift that would keep your little one busy and happy.

Razor mx650 dirt rocket electric motocross size chart:

  • Motor: 650-watt, chain-driven
  • Type: Electric
  • Top speed: 17mph
  • Frame: Authentic dirt bike
  • Suspension: Dual (front and rear)
  • Run time: 40mins
  • Tires: Pneumatic knobby
  • Wheels: 16 inches (front) and 14 inches (rear)
  • Weight limit: 220lbs

Key Features:

razor mx650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review

On paper, the Razor electric dirt bike MX650 looks like a beast. But it doesn’t matter what it says in print. It matters what it shows on the tracks. To find that, keep an eye here.

Available colors:

The first thing that people see on the bike is its color. That’s truer for teenagers even more as they need to look cool riding their dirt bike.

In that respect, the Razor MX650 won’t disappoint. Here, you will get a scaled-down dirt bike that replicates the real ones inch by inch. And in terms of color, the bright yellow frame with the black cover for the motor creates a nice contrast.

Simply put, it has that edge to it that would get kids attracted to it.

Are they good in quality?

Having great color on the bike, check! Now comes the part to inspect into the bike’s heart. The elements that make the thing what it is. So, let’s take a look at the Razor 650 dirt bike review if it prevails or not.


Looking deep into the bike, you will find a 650-watt electric motor ready to unleash. With that chain-driven motor system, how fast does the Razor MX650 go? It goes quite fast as it can hit the top speed of 17mph. That’s enough power for climbing uphills.

But depending on the rider’s weight and track, this can even hit the 25mph mark at times. Bonkers!

You don’t expect to get that kind of speed from a silent machine. No noise, nothing. Compared to any other e-bike in this category, this has quite the upper hand in this department.

And being electric, it won’t be contributing to the carbon footprint. So, you can hand it to your kid without feeling any guilt.


Without a proper battery system, you can’t take advantage of that powerful Razor motor. They know it too. That’s why instead of putting a 24-volt battery pack like most kid e-bike’s, they took it a step further with a 36-volt battery system.

The lead-acid battery pack works great to compensate for the extra power output produced by the motor. With it in place, you can get 40 minutes of ride time with a single charge. Riding at the top-speed, the kid can cover up to 10 miles or so.

By doing so, Razor gave kids the freedom to take on the entire dirt track.


No two teenagers are the same. Everyone is unique. Some may be shorter, some may be taller, some have longer hands, some have shorter. That’s the way it is. But the bike comes in one size. So, how will it adapt to the rider’s needs?

Checking Razor 650 dirt bike reviews, it seems like it got made for everyone. All thanks to its adjustable riser style handlebar. Now, your kid can set the handlebar to the right height and distance. So, they get a comfortable hold on it from their sitting position. No need to lean forward or backward to get the right grip. They become one with the bike which helps them to enjoy the bike more.

Beyond everything, they will have better control over their ride. That’s important to have a safe riding experience.


With the Razor MX650 dirt rocket, you will get a 90-day warranty. However, it is only for the electric system, not for any damages or anything caused by the rider.

If it comes with any defect, the warranty will be valid on that too.

And if you want to extend the warranty, contact the dealer to find if you can get any other insurance policy on it.

How does the Razor MX650 dirt bike work?

There isn’t much to do. All the rider needs to do is flick the big switch on the cover where the engine is. After getting the power button on, get their hands to the throttle and twist. The bike starts moving. To stop, just twist the hand-break, it stops. Simple.


Razor dirt bike MX650 top speed is impressive, the battery run time is incredible, and in terms of comfort, there is no match to it. Ok, all that is great. But what are some other aspects that might make it easier for you to choose this bike for your kid?


There is a so-called kid’s dirt bike that can’t take on the jumps and all the other abuses the track has to offer. Don’t have to worry about any such thing with the Razor MX650.

Here, you will get a solid high strength steel frame, that allows the kid to go for those ramp jumps or the dirt track jumps without any hesitation. The bike won’t fall apart.

Even the fenders and fairing on it are shatterproof, so they will last forever. And that’s crucial. Because when you get a dirt bike for kids, you expect it to take the beating, and this one takes it like a champ.


This is the most exciting part of the Razor MX650. Teenagers won’t remain the same, they will start to grow and soon the bike won’t be fast enough. You need to look for a new bike for them then.

But thanks to the Razor electric dirt bike MX650, you can avoid the trouble of getting a new bike for a couple of years more by just upgrading it. You can take the current model and change the battery of it, with a more powerful 48volt lithium one.

It will not only provide a more reliable source of power and run time, but help to get the bike speed up by some margin. Like the battery, you can make updates to other parts too. Saves time and money for getting a new bike.

Comprehensive protection:

Safety is the biggest concern for any parent. On the bike, there isn’t any lack of it. Here, in this dirt bike, your kid will enjoy dual suspension. That’s why it can take on the off-road bumps and holes of the track better. The rider won’t feel like getting thrown out of the seat.

The knobby tires also help in the cause. With a big 16-inch and 14-inch pneumatic front and rear tire, you get better traction on loose gravels and dirty tracks. At the same time, it takes on the abuse the road has to offer. Meanwhile, translating the motor power on the tires.

But knowing the bike moves that fast even on the hardest of tracks, parents can keep their cool. That’s why Razor got disc brakes on both front and rear to make them sure that the bike will come to a halt when the kid needs.


Yes, the Razor MX650 seems like a great deal. It is fast, solid, and looks great. It’s the perfect package. But is there anything that’s not going right for it? To find out, check out this section.

Charging time:

The bike has great battery life. You can ride it for 40 minutes at a stretch. What not to like about it.

But there is an innate problem that e-bikes have that even the mighty MX650 can’t get away from and that’s the charging time. There is no fast charging here. When you first receive the bike, you’ve got to give at least 12 hours to charge up the battery before you take it out for the inaugural run.

And after every spin, you’ve got to give it 8 hours before you take it out again. That’s a lot of waiting for the kid to do. Not too great for the electricity bill either. If it offered a fast charging option, then that would have been better.


No bike comes pre-installed. There is a need to do some type of installation with every one of them. The Razor electric dirt bike MX650 is no exception.

But putting together the whole thing takes time. Even if you know your ways around such a thing, it would take at least an hour. For someone doing this type of work for the first time, you can imagine what’s waiting for them.

Though it comes with a manual book with assembly instruction, it isn’t easy to fall. A huge letdown in this regard.

Additional Features:

Besides the great features and the minor flaws, there are some other aspects that you might want to look into the MX650. Here they are.

Extra stuff:

You will love the fact that there are footpegs on the bike. It helps the kid to keep their feet up when they go downhill at the top speed. Therefore, no risk of getting injured. Also, it lets them a place to rest their feet. But if they ever feel like it’s getting in their way, then there is a solution too. Just fold them and get them out of their way.

Besides, the resting footpegs, the bike offers a nice retractable kickstand. It is strong and durable. So, it can take the weight of the bike. Plus, the stand stays in its place, so it won’t come down while you’re riding the bike.

Weight limit:

The Razor MX650 dirt rocket has a great weight limit. This can take up to 220 pounds which is the typical weight of most teenagers.

So, riders aged from 14-18 can take it on without any worry. Even adults under that weight limit can take it for a spin. It won’t break.

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When you decide to gift your kid a dirt bike, you’re taking a huge step. You’re giving them the chance to enjoy the thrill of riding, but also putting them into unknown territory, where there is the risk of getting injured.

Can’t just hand them any bike!

You’ve got to get the best. And looking at the razor mx650 rocket electric motocross bike review, you know, you will be handing them the best ride.

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