Razor RSF350 electric street bike Review

Kids today are hooked to their phones and PlayStations. They don’t feel like going out and running around anymore.

No surprise, such inactivity is hindering their development both physically and mentally. But how do you get them out of their couch?

Nothing excites them!

You need to replace the phones with something as exciting or more. And there is nothing that screams out excitement like the Razor RSF350 electric street bike.

So, if you want to know more, then check out the Razor RSF350 electric street bike review here.

Razor RSF350 electric street bike size chart:

  • Engine: High-torque, chain-driven motor
  • Power: Electric
  • Top speed: 14mph
  • Battery: 24V(two 12V) rechargeable, sealed lead-acid
  • Max weight: 140lbs
  • Handlebar: Adjustable riser style
  • Kickstand: Retractable
  • Wheels: 10-inch 3-spoke mag wheels
  • Tires: Street pneumatic
  • Suspension: Rear
  • Brakes: Hand-operated rear disc.
Razor RSF350 electric street bike review

Key Features:

The Razor electric street bike is a fun ride for the kid. No doubt! But what makes it fun? Let’s find it out.

Available colors:

With the Razor E-bike, you will find an iconic black and red color combo. The glossy red chassis on the bike with the matte black cover for the chains create a nice color contrast that looks quite good. And that’s the only color palette you will find with the RSF350.

Are they good in quality?

Ok, the bike has a nice color to it. But what good it is if it doesn’t feel and perform well. So, see past the looks and find out if it has any quality to it.


No surprise the first thing to inspect in the bike is its motor. That’s the heart and soul of the ride. And in the RSF350, you get a high-torque, chain-driven electric heart that beats hard and fast.

For an e-bike, it is surprisingly fast. How fast is the Razor electric street bike you ask? This one can go up to 14 mph. With a simple twist on the grip-throttle, your kid can go from slow to unleashing the full 350-watt power of this e-bike.


Next thing that you need to look into is the bike’s battery. After all, it is an electric bike. So, the thing that powers it up needs to be of the highest quality. And in this case, the RSF350 doesn’t disappoint.

On the Razor electric street bike RSF350, you will find a 24V sealed lead-acid battery. The 24V gets made from two 12V rechargeable batteries. With them on the bike, you can take the ride to its top-speed and keep going at that speed for full 30-minutes non-stop. Impressive!

In terms of distance, you can go 7 miles with a single charge. Not bad.


Aesthetics matter a lot to kids. And can’t be blamed for that. Even adults become fans of things just by their looks.

So, having great colors on the bike isn’t enough to please them. The ride needs to have the charisma to make them feel interested in it. To make them feel like hopping on it and riding. And the street-bike styling of the Razor does that pretty well.

Even though it’s a small kid’s bike, it resembles the adult ride through and through. Starting from the frame. You get the trellis-frame chassis on it that gives a sleek and powerful feel to the bike. To complement that structure, you have got those custom 10-inch, 3-spoke, mag wheels that oozes out the street vibe.

In the styling department, the Razor e-bike passes with flying colors.


About the Razor electric street bike’s warranty, there is a bit of mystery. When you purchase it from stores like Amazon, you get a 90-day warranty. But whether it’s for the bike on the whole or just for the battery, that’s not clear.

Also, don’t know whether you get an extended warranty if you buy it from an authorized dealer. So, look for that yourself, if you find any dealership that gives you a better deal.

How does the Razor RSF350 work?

As this is a bike for kids aged between 8-13, Razor kept it simple when it comes to operating the bike. There isn’t much to do.

All they need is to press the red button on the bike. You will find it right where usually the bikes fuel tank used to be. After pushing the button, all they need is to twist the throttle, and the electric motor will start delivering the power.

Wheels start rolling, and the kid starts having fun.


The e-bike got some impressive features, can’t argue with that. But what more! What are the features that would make it choose for your kids? To find them, keep on reading.


Comfort is important for everything. Even riding a bike, you need to feel at ease and have the feeling that you’re in control. How’s that supposed to happen if the kid can’t reach the handle?

Not all kids are the same. Some are tall and some are short. So, some might have the reach to the bike’s handle, but some would struggle to get to it.

Keeping that in mind, Razor introduces a quick adjustable-angle, riser style handle on the bike. Thanks to it, riders of all age groups can make changes according to their need. Add the soft rubber grips on the equation, you got yourself a real winner at hand.

Weight capacity:

Though it’s a small bike, the Razor RSF350 e-bike isn’t at all flimsy. The bike on hand is quite capable of picking up great weight. Any kid that weights up to 140 pounds or less can ride it with ease. So, kids between 8-13 won’t have any problem with it. Even adults within that weight limit can take on it, but let it alone for the kids. That’s for the best.

Comprehensive protection:

The most important part is safety. That becomes even more important when you’re letting your kids ride a bike. In that respect, the Razor E-bike won’t let you down.

Yes, it is fast. The Razor electric street bike speed goes up to 14mph, but the transmission from starting slowly to that top speed isn’t all of a sudden. Therefore, kids can be ready for what’s ahead to come.

Besides the top speed, the pneumatic tires on the bike make it perfect for the road. Whether they ride it on the street or the pavements, that won’t make any difference to the rider as the tires make every track feel the same: Smooth as butter. Also, it provides enough traction to keep the rider on the bike.

Then there is the disc brake. The rear brakes react in an instant to make sure the biker gets to stop when he wants to.


Yes, the bike got great features. Some of them are quite on par with some of the best in the business. But there might be some bads too. Let’s take a look if anything comes up like that in the Razor bike.


The bike doesn’t come ready. No surprise! You need to take some time out to put the parts together. Compared to many, it is quite easy. But when you’ve to do such work, it’s always a bit of pain.

But even after setting up the whole thing, you’ve got to wait for another 12 hours before taking it out for a spin. Why’s that? That’s because the battery doesn’t come charged. You’ve got to wait for it to charge up before you let your kid take it out on the road. Good luck with that!

Be ready to witness your kids impatience to hop on it and get away from you.


For me, it is one aspect that would make many think about the bike. If they had offered at least a year’s warranty, I think it would have been a no brainer. People would have been drawn to it like moths to the flame. But due to its 3-month period, many feel a bit hesitant whether to get it for the kids or not.

Fast and furious:

The 14mph speed isn’t for everyone. If your kid is in between 12-14 years range, they might be able to handle it. Not saying that younger kids can’t manage it, but it’s not everyone’s cup of cake.

So, you need to make sure that your kid is up for it before handing him the Razor RSF350.

Additional Features:

Looking at the Razor electric street bike review, you can see, it got great features. And the issues it has aren’t that big. That’s something that they can improve for their next zen e-bike. But besides those, it has more to offer. Let’s take a look.


For some reason, many small bikes avoid kickstands. And that makes sense as sometimes kids aren’t that careful when it comes to getting the stand up before riding the bike.

But this one offers one. And it’s a good retractable one. You can easily take it out and make the bike stand upright. And when needed retract it before riding.


On the bike, you will get footpegs too. That helps the rider with the balance, no doubt about that. But what’s interesting about them is that they are foldable. So, when needed, you can take them out and let their foot rest on it as the name says. Or just keep them folded. Whatever the kid loves.

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Coming to the end of the Razor RSF350 electric street bike review, I’ve got to say, the bike has great features that kids would love.

I don’t think there is any better way to let your kid get out of the house and enjoy some physical activity than riding the bike in the neighborhood.

And no worries! No one will complain. After all, it’s electric. No sound, no pollution.

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