Razor Sx500 McGrath dirt rocket electric motocross dirt bike

Your kid had enough of the bikes. He wants to move to the next stage: to motocross.

Regular bikes don’t excite him anymore. The thrill of riding in a smooth track is fun at first but soon it fades.

If he wants to take the challenge of off-road riding, then what better way to be part of the action than the Razor Sx500 McGrath dirt rocket electric motocross bike.

Does that name ring the bell? Then you’ve got it right. The motocross championship legend partnered with Razor to bring something exciting for the young riders.

Without a doubt, it’s worth a look.

Razor Sx500 McGrath dirt rocket Size chart

  • Motor: 500 watt.
  • Type: Electric.
  • Speed: 15mph.
  • Brakes: Dual disc brakes.
  • Suspension: Front and rear.
  • Battery: 36V.
  • Type: Sealer lead-acid.
  • Run time: 40 minutes.

Key Features:

Razor Sx500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike Review

When a key figure like Jeremy McGrath puts his name on a product, you can expect it to be good. But how good it is that we’re trying to find out here.

Available colors:

Right off the bat, the Sx500 hits a home run with the color variety. With many iconic bike series, you only get one color variant. That’s a practice most brands to make the look of a bike stick to your head.

McGrath Sx500 didn’t go that way.

Instead, it offers two bright color options that are a sure shot hit with the kids. The first one has a white base with blue and black paint here and there with a red cushioned seat and front mudguard.

The other has a lime green dominated frame with a black seat on it. Plus, there are some black and white colors on it too. Where the first one gives the subtle look, this one stands out from the crowd.

Are they good in quality?

When it comes to how the bike looks, the Razor Sx500 is one of the best in the business. But is it that good in the performance department too? Let’s get to know.


Ok, it’s a kid’s bike, how powerful the motor will be? If you think like that too, then you’re about to get a great surprise when you get to find that it has a 500-watt motor housed inside it.

That’s quite some power.

Plus, being electric, this one offers clean power, no drops, nothing, it revs up to full power without delay.

So, how fast does the razor sx500 go with that motor? For a kid’s bike, it can reach up to 15 mph top speed. That’s no joke. Therefore, before handing it to your young one, make sure they are up for it. 


To power up that motor, you will get a 36v battery pack on the bike. This 36v unit gets made using three 12v batteries. 

What’s good about the battery pack is that it uses sealed lead-acid. There is no leaking issue. No fire hazards.

Using the powerful battery system, the youngling can ride the sx500 for 40 minutes. And that’s even when riding at full steam. With moderate use, they can get some more minutes to their ride time.

Not bad!

Weight limit:

Though it’s a ride for the teenagers, the bike still has a solid build to it. You can witness that in its weight limit.

Anyone within 175 pounds can ride the bike. McGrath, himself took it to spin on the commercial. So, it’s not just there for the sake of it. It really can pull off some huge weight.

And unlike others, the bike speed doesn’t get affected a lot. Yes, it will be a little slower, but still, it’s much faster than most electronic dirt bikes.


When someone asks what is the difference between razor mx500 and sx500, I will not go into the details. The first thing I will point out is the warranty the rides offer.

As they are Razor products, the warranty offer is quite similar. The insurance isn’t valid if you damage the bike. It only covers missing parts of the bike. Or if there is an electrical system issue.

All that is the same.

But the number of days the offer remains valid is what matters here. Where Mx500 gives you 90-day coverage. The Sx500 comes only with a 60-day warranty.

That’s a bit disappointing.

How does the Razor Sx500 McGrath work?

Like all other Razor bikes, the McGrath Sx500 operates the same way. Just flick the power switch on. Then go and twist the grip-throttle and it starts to move.

And to make it stop, simply press the brake hard, the ride will stop in its tracks. Nothing complicated as it is a bike teenagers going to use.


After going through the Razor sx500 McGrath dirt bike review, you’ve come to about its top-notch quality. Then again, quality isn’t the only thing to look for on the bike. You’ve got to know about the other stuff too.


One of the things that make the Razor Sx500 so popular among teenagers is how it looks. You’ve already seen that it comes in great color variants. But that’s just colors we’re talking about here.

What about the design of the ride?

James McGrath inspired Razor to come up with this mini bike. So, it got professional geometric on it that makes it look like the real deal.

By looking at it, no one will dare to say it’s a toy: just a scaled-down version of the adult ride. It has that authentic feel to it.


For me, the knobby tires on the razor sx500 speed ride are what matters the most. That’s because these pneumatic tires make a world of difference in how the ride performs in those freakish tracks.

Here, you get a large 16-inch front and 14-inch rear tire on the ride. For a kids bike, those are huge and that’s for a reason. The treads bite into the dirt to give the traction needed to ride on such trails.

At the same time, those large tires are perfect to take bumps of the off-road to give your kid a stable ride.

Comprehensive protection:

To give the rider a sense of control and safety, the bike introduces a dual-disc brake system. Just with the press of the hand-operated brakes, the biker can make the ride stop whenever they want.

Razor made a wise choice to go with a dual-disc system as it offers superior stopping power than conventional brakes. Not only that, but the hand-operated brakes on the bike are also easy to use. Kids therefore won’t have a problem using them.

Besides the brake, on the bike got a dual suspension system like the real ones. This one moves on the diciest of tracks without letting the rider feel a bit of it. It allows them to do those jumps on the bike.


You’ve witnessed the Yin side of things. But as you know, when there is Yin there is Yang. They are the two sides of the same coin. So, what’s the other side has to say about the Sx500. Let’s take a look.

Building it up:

In reality, you’re not doing any building. But some are putting together the required on the bike.

When you get the bike, you get the frame. But all the other parts, like the handlebar and tires, need for you to place in their rightful spot.

That means it doesn’t come ready to ride. You’ve got to sit, go through the installation manual, pull your hair out in anguish, try to place them right again, and repeat.

After 2 hours or more or less, doing all that, you will get the bike fixed to ride. As you can picture, it’s not that easy to install. At least, not for those who are doing this for the first time.

Suitable riders:

Now, Razor tells me this is a bike suitable for 14+ riders. And they might be right in the sense that people within 175 lbs weight can ride it.

But to be honest, tall kids have trouble sitting and riding it. It doesn’t feel like the right fit for them.

On the other hand, kids aged between 10-14 won’t have any trouble getting the sensation of this powerful ride.

However, it’s better not to give it to riders that aren’t ready for it as this one can go fast. Only hand it to the kiddo if they are up for it.

Charging Chaos:

Razor should try to find a solution to this problem. They need to get fast charging in their rides. Don’t know about the adult ones, but at least, for the kid’s ride, they’ve got to get this feature.

That’s because this ride takes almost half of the day to charge.

Yes, it’s faster than most other e-bike models out there for kids. Still, you can’t expect to hand the young one a fun toy and say, play with it for some minutes and wait for another day.

It’s frustrating for them, as well as for the parents. Especially, when they look at the electric bill that goes off the roof to charge the bike’s battery.

Additional Features:

Yes, the bike got some minor flaws. But if you weigh it down with the quality of the bike, then the Sx500 comes up on top every single time. If that’s not enough for you, then you might want to look at some of the other features that the ride has to provide.


The riser handlebar in Razor bikes has become a trademark of theirs. This one is no exception. Kids can now move the handle front and back, up and down, and set it the right way to get the best possible position to get a hold of it. This makes riding much more enjoyable.


To give the kids the feel of a motocross ride like the real ones, they have the twist-grip throttling in place. Just grip it and twist and the engine revs up to make the bike move faster. Exciting!


This is something that I loved in the bike. The mudguard right in front of the wheel keeps the tires splashing dirt and other stuff towards the rider. So, they don’t get wet, or at least not anything hinders their sight while riding through the dirt roads.

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Coming to the end of the Razor sx500 McGrath dirt rocket electric motocross bike review, I’ve got just one thing to say: Exceptional.

The ride has everything a kid desires. It looks cool, feels fast, let them go wild on the roughest of trails. Teenagers want nothing more than that of the bike.

Why wait then? Grab it now and put a smile on your kiddos face.

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