6 X pro dirt bike reviews for kids and adults

X-pro dirt bike reviews give you the ultimate ride for your kids.

When your kids come to you and say he wants a dirt bike, X-pro is the obvious choice that you should go with. That’s because the regular size dirt bikes can be too big for them. And the engines on those things can be too hot for them to handle in the beginning.

You don’t want to over-commit and get them an actual dirt bike right away. Those things cost a lot and you never know whether your kid will still be into dirt bikes.

x pro bolt 50cc dirt bike review

But taking it slow, and introducing them to an X-pro pit bike, you will give them the taste of speed while letting them find their footing in the tracks. If not at least, the bikes are good to take on the street.

Can’t do it with the regular dirt bikes.

And not just the kids, the x-pro mini dirt bike can be a fun thing to ride for the adults too. So, if you’re feeling like to know more about it, then keep on reading.

X-Pro dirt bike Comparison Table:

If you want to get a quick look at what I’ve got for you in the x pro dirt bike review, then check the comparison table.

x pro dirt bike review

X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Bike Dirt

x pro bolt 50cc dirt bike review

X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike Kids

x pro 40cc dirt bike review

X-PRO 40cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike Mini Pit Bike

Kids Mini Dirt Bike

X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike

x pro 250cc Dirt Bike review

X-Pro Titan 250cc Dirt bike Zongshen

x-pro dirt bike reviews

X-Pro Hawk 150cc dirt bike

Top 6 Best X Pro dirt bike reviews:

From a bunch of X-pro bikes, I’ve got some of the best here that both the parents and kids can enjoy riding on.

Just check them out to find out more about them.

1. X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Bike Dirt:

The first bike in contention is the HAWK 250 as it got everything you expect from a ride. You will love the fact this X-pro bike is good to ride on the street as it meets all the safety standards of a typical road bike.

You’ve got head and tail lights, indicators, looking mirrors and all such stuff on it, which gives you a bit of relief if you’re a teenage kid is riding this thing on the roads.

Highlighted Features

X-pro Hawk 250 dirt bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Take from the top, the color of the bike. In terms of looks, the bike offers you enough options with 4-different color options. You’ve got a green one that looks nice, the blue one is also a stand out color, and the red one gives the speed vibe to it. And if nothing works, there is always the safe option of going with the black X-pro.

But besides the looks, the bike also makes its mark with features like its new stylish exhaust pipes. Again, in terms of appearance, it helps big time. But more importantly, the exhaust pipe tends to work better than before to take out the burned air and fuel from the engine to improve the airflow for the engine. You can see a boost of HP and better revving sound thanks to it.

And with nice brakes and suspension system included, it performs well on those dirt tracks which makes it easier for you to hand it out to your kids to ride. But to be honest, this is more of an X-pro adult dirt bike for its stature and weight.



2. X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike Kids:

The earlier X-pro ride wasn’t the best option for the kids. It was catered more towards the adults.

No worries, the X-pro dirt bike 50cc will give exactly what the kids desire. Compared to the earlier one, this one looks more like a dirt bike for its bare minimum look. And looking at the size of it, it is perfect for the young ones to enjoy.

The pit bike from X-pro comes ready to ride with everything you need. You will get gloves, goggles, and a handgrip.

Highlighted Features

X-pro bolt 50cc dirt bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Though this is a 50cc dirt bike, it still runs on higher RPM than most 4-stroke bikes out there. Kids won’t complain about the speed which is given. Another thing that you will love about the engine is it is easier to fix because of that.

Now, you might expect it to not be so fuel-efficient because of its engine type. But it is the opposite of what you think as the air-cooled system keeps it cool and performs it at an optimal level throughout the riding time.

However, the thing that impresses me the most is the ease of riding. Those who are just getting into bike riding will have more fun riding it as there is no work of changing transmission. It’s automatic. And for parents, having the ability to fix the speed at which the kid can ride gives them the satisfaction at the time to settle into the ride.



3. X-PRO 40cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike Mini Pit Bike:

Another X-Pro pit bike that you should go for the kid is the X-Pro 40 cc. Just like the earlier bike, it comes with gloves, goggles, and a face mask to give some protection for the rider right away before heading out with it.

What makes it so great is that it is perfect for the kids to ride around in the neighborhood. The bike makes very little noise. Plus, being EPA certified, it is ok to use it on the road.

Highlighted Features

X-Pro 40cc kids mini dirt bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Despite having a 40cc engine on the bike, the X-Pro can produce some quick speed on the tracks. Riding on it, your kid can move at a top speed of 22miles/h which is quite astounding. But what truly makes it even awesome the fact that the engine used in this is much more durable. With 4-stroke bike engines, you expect to get a more reliable option, and it exactly gives you that.

Even the fat tires on this are exceptional. It doesn’t wear out quickly like the regular ones. And those uneven dirt tracks gives the rider the stability to have a good time riding the bike.

And the small size and weight of it with its low seat height even make it easy for the young ones to control it better.



4. X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike:

The earlier X-pro off road motorcycle for kids might not suit the teenagers. For them, there is the Zephyr.

Right off the bat, this one gets your attention for its design. It looks like the real big boys bike. And looking at it, you can see why it is more suited for the tall kids, as the seat got a nice height which makes it more comfortable for them to ride.

Highlighted Features

X-Pro Zephyr 40cc kids mini dirt bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Drive chain systems always have the knack to collect dirt and debris which slows down the bike’s performance big time. And riding bikes on off-road tracks, that happens even more. Thankfully this one solves that with a cover on the drive chain that makes sure no dirt or debris is stuck to it.

Now, the fuel capacity of 1.7L on this could have been a thing to concern about, yet, X-Pro turns it around with its engine system. The 4-stroke engine takes in the cool air and burns the fuel clean to give maximum power and torque without wasting any fuel.



5. X-PRO Titan Dirt Bike Zongshen Engine Pit Bike:

If you want a dirt bike for yourself, or for your teenage kid that can handle the power, then X-Pro got you covered with the Titan.

Compared to all the others, it offers a 223cc bike that ensures that it is quite fast. But even more so, it’s the look of it that stands out from the crowd that makes it an option hard to resist.

Highlighted Features

X-Pro Titan 250cc Dirt bike Zongshen sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

Of all the X-Pro, this one is a true big boy ride. And that’s what will make you love it. First of all, with a 223cc engine, you get 60+MPH on the road which is impressive in itself. Plus, you’ve got a manual 5-speed transmission. The best part about it is that the transition from one gear to another isn’t sudden.

But it’s the other things that make it a complete dirt bike package of your dream. To start the brake system. You get a single 240mm and a 220mm steel disc that gives you great stopping power.

To go with that, you’ve got an inverted forks front and shock-absorbing rear one that makes riding on the uneven track easy. Alongside it, you’ve got fat tires on it that help to move on bumpy roads fun.

And to top it all, you get a quick electric start system alongside the kick start. Getting the engine running can’t be any simpler than this.



6. X-PRO Hawk 150cc Adults Dirt Bike Pit Bike:

This Hawk from X-Pro got a slim and refined 150cc engine that gives you the power to move at 55 miles per hour.

For a bike that small and nimble, it feels much faster than some of the faster rides. And to go with that power, it got the looks in display which can be your next choice ride. That’s right. Both adults and teenagers can take it out to spin.

Highlighted Features

X-Pro 150cc dirt bike sizing chart:

Why will you like this product?

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great speed with the X-pro the luxury of an industry-standard 5-speed. You can get to enjoy full throttle control to get your bike from 0-55+ miles power to have more control.

Even the aluminum exhaust pipe on the thing makes a difference in the bike’s performance. It pumps out the hot burned fuel-air and gets it to improve the speed.

Then there is the construction of the bike. It has a durable structure that makes it perfect to ride on those unpredictable tracks. You can crash with it, and it will come out of it, undamaged. But with its aerodynamic design and lightweight nature, the maneuvering makes it impossible to lose control of the ride.



x pro dirt bike Buying Guide

Maybe you want to look into the market and find your own X-pro. You are welcome to do that. But before jumping the gun, you should have some idea of the bike features.

Have a look at the buying guide to get some help with it if you need it.


The first thing you need to consider is the bike engine. And this will depend on who you’re getting the bike. For instance, for a kid that just started riding the bike, a 40cc or 50cc X-pro bike should be the right pick. But for someone who has the experience like a teenager, he might want to have a serious ride like the Titan.

Besides how much CC you need on the engine, you should also consider the type of engine you’re looking to get in the bike. No doubt, a 2 stroke engine will let you enjoy the raw power which will translate well on the wheels. But a 4-stroke engine will give you the reliability of long-lasting performance.

What you want from the ride, you’ve got to make a mind on it too.


The bike starter system is a thing that often gets overlooked. And that is somewhere you can get wrong big time. For instance, if you’re getting your little child a bike, you don’t want to hand him a kick start bike. That’s too much work and it’s hard for them.

But a pull start system will be much easier for them to use. If it has an electric system then it’s even better as it doesn’t have that trial and error approach as you can get the engine roaring with just a push of a button.

So, you should think about the bike’s starting system too.


Besides the engine and the starter system of the bike, there is the factor of having a nice comfortable dirt bike to ride. And the thing that would make it comfortable is the suspension system. If you’re getting a ride with the goal to ride it around those dirt tracks, a bike with a proper suspension system to soften the blow is a must. Otherwise, for running around the regular tracks, that might not be a big concern.


No matter wherever you ride, you always need a good brake system. IT is the thing that can save the bike from crashing to something unwanted that jumps in front of it all of a sudden. For the bike brakes, always go for disc brakes or steel brakes as they offer the stopping power to get the bike stopped when you press the brakes.


Then there is the regular stuff like the bike frame and all. Obviously, you want something solid that can withstand the falls from time to time, but it shouldn’t be too heavy for you to control or for the kid.

Besides that, factor like getting a ride that is ok to use on regular roads alongside the dirt tracks is something you should think about too. Not every other day you might be able to take the bike to the tracks. In those moments, having a ride with the permit to use on streets will at least let you take that to spin without breaking the law.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is X-Pro a good dirt bike brand?

The X-Pro is a great dirt bike brand that is gaining more popularity with every day passing.

Do they have training wheels for these?

X-Pro doesn’t sell or provide any training wheels. However, you might be able to find some other brands that might work with the bike.

Is it street legal?

Yes, many of the X-pro got EPA to use them on the street without any problem

Is X-pro dirt bike kick start?

Many of them have a kick start system. Some even have an electric system alongside the kick start

Will this be a nice bike for a 5-15-year-old?

No doubt, the bikes here are perfect for riders in that age group as well as some of them are ok to use by the adults too.

Final Thoughts

From the X pro dirt bike reviews, you might have found the ultimate ride for yourself or your teenage kid, or even the younger member of your family. There is all type of ride that makes the brand so great.

So, choose any one from the above bikes.

But if you feel like the right one isn’t here, then you can look for the right one using the buying guide tips.

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to share your find here.

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