9 Best Motorcycle Insurance for First Time Rider

Motorcycle riding is a dream and fun vehicle for a lot of young riders. Nowadays Motorcycle racing is a popular game. Unfortunately, the most experienced rider may face accidents. So it is essential to find the best insurance for motorcycles to get the recompense.

Now the question is what the best option for motorcycle insurance is. You need maximum liability coverage to make your investment lucrative. But every company does not provide coverage such as expensive gear or customs parts. That is really frustrating.

To solve your problems, we are coming with some best motorcycle insurance for first time rider. We read their policies crucially to discover the best options among millions of insurance providers. Here, we pick the top 9 based on coverage, discounts, rate, customer satisfaction and more.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance 

Motorcycle insurance is a system to get protection for your valuable motorcycle. It is a safety weapon while riding on the road. Motorcycle insurance gives you compensation for physical damage to motorcycles due to theft, fire, or accidents. Also, It is an excellent opportunity to recover your loss with insurance. That is why Insurance coverage is a must for your motorcycle.

Besides, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without having insurance. You will be fined if you don’t have insurance. You need to have insurance to ride your bike legally. Let’s learn some excellent benefits of motorcycle insurance.

  • Cover motorcycle repair cost.
  • Provide 24/7 roadside service.
  • Offer equipment replacement cost.
  • Cover Medical payments. 
  • Offer accident coverage.
  • Allow financial coverage due to theft, damage by environmental obstacles.
  • Offer liability coverage, guest passenger coverage, personal injury protection.
  • Also, you will get collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage.

In short, motorcycle insurance helps to enjoy robust coverage to protect your motorcycle. By investing a little money to do insurance, you can avail lifetime guarantee for your favourite motorcycle.

best motorcycle insurance for first time riders

  • Geico- Best For Low-Cost Coverage
  • Progressive – Best For Daily Riders
  • Foremost – Best For Custom Bikes
  • USAA – Best For Military Veterans
  • Markel – Best For Collectors
  • Dairyland – Best For Occasional Riding
  • Farmer – Best For Recreational Vehicle
  • Safeco – Best For Budget-Friendly
  • Harley Davidson Insurance – Best For New Riders

Top 9 Motorcycle Insurance review and guide

Geico– Best For Low-Cost Coverage

Geico offers comparatively good rare coverage to meet your needs. The best part is Geico also provides accessories coverage with its collision policy. As a result, you will get coverage for helmet, non-stock sidecar, trike conversion kit, seat, saddlebags and electric equipment and chrome prices without putting any additional charge.

Moreover, Geico comes with some exciting discount offers, including 10% OFF in premium when you come from another carrier. Besides, if you have multiple motorcycle insurance with Geico, then also you will avail 10% discount. They have excellent customer service to guide you.

Geico- Best For Low-Cost Coverage


  • Offer comprehensive and collision coverage for different equipment and electrical accessories.
  • It provides free emergency road servicing.
  • You can avail of 7 different discount options based on need.
  • It offers the opportunity to choose a flexible payment plan.
  • Also, it provides 24/7 friendly customer support via live chat, phone, or app. 


  • Lack of add-ons.
  • To get eligibility for some discounts is tough.

Well, if you want money-saving low-cost coverage, then Geico is an excellent choice. It offers the cheapest insurance motorcycle.

Progressive – Best For Daily Riders

Progressive is the best motorcycle insurance for first time riders. The first-time rider has a high chance to get into accidents. That’s why accident coverage is a must-have requirement for first time rider insurance.

Guess what? 

Progressive offers accident forgiveness benefits. It is an automatic opportunity in their insurance policies to assist accident cases. They offer two types of accident coverage:

  • Small accident coverage

When you claim $500 or less, the insurance rate remains the same.

  • Robust accident coverage

To avail of this coverage, you need to be a Progressive customer for over 4 years. Also, you need to ride for three years without any accident. The best part is your rate won’t extend if your accident fault is yours or the total claim is more than $500.

Moreover, Progressive provides a wide range of machines coverage of any renowned company.  You can do insurance for any type of legal motorcycle such as Cruisers, custom bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs and more. Despite a wide range of coverage, they also offer a reasonable rate.  It offers customized and affordable motorcycle insurance opportunities.

Progressive - Best For Daily Riders


  • Wide variety of coverage
  • Ample discounts
  • Customize insurance opportunities
  • Robust add-on coverage
  • Online insurance opportunity
  • Accident coverage


  • It is a bit more expensive than other insurance companies.
  • Customization options are few.

It is one of the leading and best motorcycle insurance companies. You can protect yourself with their customized protection. A wide range of coverage is ideal for any motorcycle. It is especially the best dirt bike insurance because lightweight, rugged tiers have a high chance of accidents.

Foremost – Best For Custom Bikes

Different bikes are manufactured in different ways with different equipment. As a result, the coverage policies need to be customizable for different types of bikes.

Specially customize bikes or vintage bikes are built differently. Few insurance providers offer coverage for vintage-type bikes. 

Obviously, Foremost not only provides coverage for customize-bikes but also provides coverage for other types of bikes.

This insurance company is a complete solution for any type of motorcycle.  Foremost introduces some exciting motorcycle insurance packages to meet versatile customer needs. 

It offers property damage with body injury liability. Also, it offers collision and comprehensive coverage.  The best part is it offers custom part coverage up to $30000. 

Also, it provides additional add-one coverage with different packages. Moreover, it introduces a large number of discount options for customers. You won’t find any unhappy customers. They have impressive insurance services. 

Foremost - Best For Custom Bikes


  • It allows coverage for old bikes up to 25+ years.
  • Offer robust discounts for helmets, anti-theft devices, safety apparel, personal effects and more.
  • It also provides coverage for optional equipment or trailers.
  • They provide property damage and body injury liability.
  • It includes collision and comprehensive policies 
  • You will get 24/7 roadside services 
  • Also, it allows custom part coverage up to $30000.
  • It comes with extra add-ons.
  • You can select different types of insurance packages based on budget and need.


  • Coverage is not available in some regions, such as Hawaii.
  • You won’t get coverage in case your license is restricted or suspended.

Foremost is one of the best insurance for motorcycles. It provides three-level coverage for motorbikes.  The best part is it provides coverage for a specific type of custom bike. 

Even it allows insurance for 25+ years old restored bikes.  You will get wide coverage, excellent customer service and robust discounts from Foremost.

USAA – Best For Military Veterans

USAA is a leasing and best motorcycle insurance company. It is famous for its wide range of insurance coverage with product investments.  Also, the company has a strong reputation for the best customer support. If you are a military member or former military, there is no better choice than USAA for motorcycle insurance.

USAA provides basic to advanced level coverage to meet your versatile needs. It allows collision and comprehensive coverage, medical provisions. 

Even it allows uninsured motorist coverage. The best part is it allows property damage and provides body injury liability.  

Also, it offers 24/7 roadside servicing. The exciting part is no matter whether you have cruisers, dirt bikes, scooters or else USAA is ready to give insurance for any type of bike. 

Also, it offers a budget-friendly insurance policy for the military. They come with some excellent discount rates.  Besides, it has robust payment methods to make it more convenient for customers. 

USAA - Best For Military Veterans


  • It allows property damage and body injury liability.
  • Also, it offers collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • It provides medical payment.
  • You will get 24/7 roadside servicing. 
  • It offers custom part coverage up to $30000.
  • You will get multi-level discounts.
  • It allows insurance for any type of bike.


  • Only allows insurance for military members.

Excellent customer service is the key to popularity for USAA insurance companies. It is a budget-friendly motorcycle insurance provider that allows good coverage, discount and exclusive support. If you demand basic to advanced level coverage at a low budget, USAA is the best option.

Markel – Best For Collectors

Merkel offers the best insurance motorcycle. It is especially recommended for collectors. Generally, collectors have multiple bikes in collections. As a result, they need a budget-friendly option. Guess what? Merkel brings 9 different discount offers to give a cheap insurance opportunity. 

You can avail of this discount by following some easy rules such as installing anti-lock brakes, insuring multiple motorcycles, safe driver and renews policy. Despite a robust discount, Markel comes with a wide range of coverage. It allows mechanical coverage, trailer coverage and more. 

The fantastic part of Markel is it allows accident coverage. That helps to recover your accident damage. But to get this coverage, you need to drive without an accident for 4 years consecutively.

Markel - Best For Collectors


  • It offers a 9 discount package
  • You will get a wide range of coverage, including mechanical coverage
  • It offers accident coverage in some cases
  • It offers medical payments
  • You will get accessories coverage up to $30000
  • It allows collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Also, it provides passenger liability.
  • You will get property damage liability.
  • It also provides rental reimbursement.
  • You can avail yourself of customer support 24/7.


  • Markel is not available in some regions. 
  • Rates depend on the state.

Merkel offers customizable policies to avail motorcycle insurance based on customer demands. Also, You can protect your valuable motorbike and accessories with Merkel coverage. It offers the widest range of coverage with robust discounts offers. Also, it allows insurance for any type of bike.

Dairyland – Best For Occasional Riding

Here are few Insurance companies available that allow insurance for high-risk drivers. Dairyland is one of them that allows insurance for any type of driver.  No matter how fatal collisions occur, you will get your coverage. If you are a high risk or over-speed biker, then Diaryland is the best option.

Diaryland offers a wide range of insurance coverage to compensate for your loss.  Also, they offer coverage for any bike, including custom-bike or vintage bikes. It allows rental reimbursement and medical payment. The best part is it allows collision and comprehensive coverage. You also get personal injury protection from Dairyland.

Despite physical damage coverage, diaryland also provides original parts replacement opportunities. You can take equipment or accessories coverage from then. That is helpful to modify your bike based on needs. Dairyland also offers multi-level discount opportunities. You can choose any discount plan based on your requirements.

Dairyland - Best For Occasional Riding


  • Different discount options for different types of riders.
  • It offers a wide range of coverage, including parts and equipment replacement opportunities.
  • You will get 24/7 customer service.
  • It offers roadside servicing.
  • You will get medical payment.
  • It provides body liability and property damage.
  • Also, it offers collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • You will get personal injury protection.
  • It offers rental reimbursement.


  • Only coverage available in 45 states.
  • No online claiming system.

Dairyland is an excellent insurance provider that pays attention to restoring your damaged bike with the original equipment. Besides physical damage coverage, you will get multiple discount opportunities, roadside servicing, trip interception and many more.

The best part is it offers SR22 insurance that allows coverage for high-risk drivers. An occasional driver likes racing or high-speed ride; that’s why I suggest Dairyland for the occasional rider.

Farmer – Best For Recreational Vehicle 

Farmer is one of the best motocross track insurance providers. At the same time, there are indeed millions of insurance providers currently available in the market. But they don’t allow insurance if you use the track. But Farmer is exceptional and allows using bikes on a track. It offers exciting track day insurance opportunities.

Farmer comes with three different insurance plans that are Saver, plus and Elite. Based on your budget, you can avail any of them. The coverage features and opportunities also vary based on the package.

Farmer - Best For Recreational Vehicle


  • It offers Track day insurance for recreational vehicles.
  • It offers liability coverage, collision coverage and accident coverage. 
  • Also, it offers discounts for vintage and custom bikes, low-speed vehicles, or legal transports.
  • You will get excellent customer support via phone, mail and live chat.


  • Coverage features and discount rates vary in the region.

To enjoy your motorcycle ride, a weekend journey is a must. You may take a long journey with recreational vehicles. No matter where you ride, motorcycles always have risks. 

To solve all these issues, Farmer insurance is best. It allows customizing coverage opportunities. If you face an accident, Farmer allows accident forgiveness.  Also, it offers extra equipment coverage.  You will also get 24/7 roadside assistance from farmers.

Safeco – Best For Budget-Friendly

The best part of Safeco Insurance is it offers dozens of discounts to give you budget-friendly motorcycle insurance. Safeco brings some excellent features to save your money. It provides some free features which cost lots of money for other insurance companies. So, it is cheaper insurance for motorcycles that allows great coverage.

It provides all the basic coverage such as property damage, injury liability, passenger liability, etc. It provides collision comprehensive, and medical payment coverages. The exciting part is it offers roadside servicing with trip interruption coverage. 

Moreover, it allows custom parts and accessories coverage up to $20000. You will also get riding gear replacement service from them. Even it offers Harley Davidson replacement coverage for two years. Besides, Safeco has excellent customer support to solve your issues. You can directly contact Safeco online to claim your coverage.

Safeco - Best For Budget-Friendly


  • It allows coverage for parts, accessories and other equipment.
  • Also, it offers numerous discount opportunities.
  • You will get 24/7 roadside services with trip interruption coverage.
  • It provides OEM parts coverage.
  • Also, it offers new Hardley Davidson replacement coverage for 2 years.
  • You will get excellent customer support.


  • It is not available in some regions.

If you want robust insurance coverage on a low budget, I suggest Safeco. Also, it is hassle-free and you can claim coverage online at any time. The huge discounts, wide coverage and excellent customer choice make it a top choice among bikers. It is a good choice for off-road motorcycle insurance.

Harley Davidson Insurance – Best For New Riders

Harley Davidson progressive insurance is one of the best choices for newbie riders. Because it comes with some excellent features. Harley Davidson offers some exclusive service plans, loans to buy a motorbike and provide theft and appearance protection. It is a complete solution to make your dream come true.  A new rider gets every essential service from here.

Also, it offers different types of discounts for different policies. To avail of the discount, you need to meet some easy policies such as anti-theft, renewal, law enforcement, etc. It allows you to reduce your motorbike insurance cost by attending a safety course arranged by the company.

Harley Davidson Insurance - Best For New Riders


  • It offers more services than insurance, such as loans, protection devices, etc.
  • It provides rental reimbursement coverage.
  • You will get roadside assistance.
  • It provides equipment and accessories coverage.
  • You will get different types of discounts and benefits.
  • It gives financial loans to bikers.
  • You can submit a claim anytime via phone or online chat.


  • It is not available in some regions.

If you want budget-friendly but wide coverage motorbike insurance, then Harley Davidson is the best. Even new riders can take loans to buy their dream vehicle. It offers multiple discounts, robust coverage and theft protection.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Company- Ultimate Guide

It is a common confusion that arises among bike lovers, how to choose the best motorcycle insurance company. It is challenging to find out the best insurance provider among thousands of options. 

After in- depth analysis, we make a list of major factors that can decide whether the insurance company is good or not. Let’s explore some essential factors that you must consider before doing motorcycle insurance.


Who does not like discounts?  Discount is an excellent opportunity to reduce insurance costs and save money. Generally, Leading insurance providers offer standard discounts for completing their safety course and policies.

Besides, some companies come with a multi-level discount offer on different packages or membership. Customers can claim discounts for over several years when they avail of membership.

Also, it is essential to ensure whether your company offers accident forgiveness or not. Otherwise, it will increase your insurance rate unexpectedly. The more discounts you can avail the cheaper rate will be your insurance.  So check the deals offered crucially to find the appropriate one.


It is the crucial factor while choosing the insurance company. Suppose you do insurance in such a company that offers limited coverage. That won’t be a lucrative deal. 

Also, you will be unable to recover your damage cost from such an Insurance provider. That is why Insurance coverage is the essential factor.

You need to check the detailed coverage such as collision and comprehensive coverage, equipment and accessories coverage, physical damage liability, accident forgiveness, roadside service, etc. 

The more coverage the Insurance provider offers, the more benefits you will derive. That’s why I give priority to coverage. You should choose an insurance company with the widest range of coverage. 

The minimum coverage you must expect from motorcycle insurance is focus below:

  • Comprehensive coverage

This policy helps to get coverage for motorcycle damage caused by theft, fire, or age.

  • Collision coverage

The motorcycle is an accident-prone vehicle. It has a high risk of getting into a collision with another vehicle. In that scenario, collision coverage is the only way to recover biker damages. 

You can earn damage fees and medical payments from the insurance company. Unfortunately, you won’t get any coverage for another vehicle that you get into collision.

  • Custom parts and equipment

Generally, most insurance providers only cover original factory parts. But they do not offer any coverage for custom parts or electrical equipment. But best insurance offers custom parts coverage, including the sidebar, chrome parts, custom parts and other equipment.

  • Motorist coverage

Some states make this coverage a must to add to your insurance package. Morris’s coverage protects your property if you get into a collision with other motorcycles. This type of coverage offers lost wages, medical payments, property damage fees, etc. If you ride in busy areas, then this coverage is a must.

Claim Process 

In this digital age, everyone has a busy schedule. They don’t have time to visit the physical Insurance office to claim their insurance. So it is essential to check the claims process before doing insurance. 

Some best motorcycle insurance providers give the opportunity to claim online or via phone. If you want hassle-free services, then go for such a company. 

Even this type of renowned insurance provider provides the opportunity to do insurance from home through an app or website. As a result, doing and claiming insurance will be a one-click solution. Choose a smart insurance provider to get smart services.

Customer service

After doing motorcycle insurance, you can face so many issues. That is why customer service is highly essential to solving problems. Best Insurance company comes with 24*7 customer support via live chat or phone. If you want excellent after-sales service, then focus on customer services.

Extra Services

Some best Insurance providers offer some extra features such as medical payment, 24/7 roadside assistance, etc. These types of features are also essential to ride without worries. 

Also, some excellent insurance companies give loans to buy motorcycles. If you have a budget problem, then this type of insurance company is ideal for you.

Vehicle Type

Different types of motorcycle insurance come with different policies. Also, all the insurance companies do not allow insurance for all kinds of vehicles. Most insurance providers do not allow insurance for Custom bikes or vintage. 

But few insurance companies allow insurance for all types of vehicles. Besides, some companies give extra coverage and discounts for a custom bike. That is why based on your bike type, consider the insurance policy, coverage and discount. It helps to choose the right one.

Actually, the best insurance company depends on your budget and bike type.  We choose the top 9 best motorcycle Insurance companies to assist you. You can choose any of them based on your budget and needs. Compare the above factors to discover the right motorcycle Insurance company for you.


How much is motorcycle insurance for a new rider? 

Basically, the insurance cost varies depending on the company. Different companies charge different rates based on some major factors. Depending on bike age, type, location, gender, driving history, credit score, etc., insurance companies fix the insurance rate. Different types of bike have a different level of risk. You need to read the terms and policies carefully before choosing any insurance company. The average insurance fee for a new rider is $70-$100 per month.

What is the best motorcycle for a first time rider? 

As a beginner, you can choose the below motorcycle-

  • Suzuki SV650X
  • Honda Shadow Phantom and many more.

Who has the best rates for motorcycle insurance?

Geico offered the best rate for motorcycle insurance. Compared to its robust coverage, enormous discourse, it offers low rates for insurance.

Motorcycle insurance average cost per month?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance is $81-$90 per month. But depending on region and bike type, the cost may differ.

How to get motorcycle insurance?

It is a simple and one-click taste to do motorcycle insurance. You can even avail insurance online or via phone from the different reliable insurance providers. Otherwise, simply visit the Insurance service provider office to do insurance. It rarely takes 5 minutes. You need the below documents:

  • Driving history.
  • Previous insurance history not applicable for new bikes.

How does motorcycle insurance work?

Motorcycle insurance normally bears the cost of damage, injury, or motorbike accidents, yet you are faulty. Motorcycles have a high risk of getting theft, fire or accidents or damage due to environmental obstacles. Insurance is a way to get compensation coverage in such unexpected situations to recover the loss.

Is motorcycle insurance cheaper than car insurance?

Yes, Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than Car insurance.

How much motorcycle coverage should I get?

It depends on the Insurance Company how much motorcycle coverage you will get. Basically, most renowned insurance companies provide coverage for physical damage, property liability, accident coverage, and collision coverage. Some best insurance companies allow accessories and equipment coverage.

How long do you have to wait to get insurance after buying a motorcycle?

Most states require insurance to ride on it legally. So it’s essential to get insurance immediately after buying it. You can do insurance through phone or online from the Insurance service provider. It is better to get insurance before driving on open roads.

But few states do not require insurance; you can drive there. But remember, if you face any accidents, you won’t get any coverage in that scenario. So I suggest doing insurance within 30 days. Do not wait for more than that after buying a motorcycle.

Final Thought

Buying the best motorcycle insurance for first time riders gives them confidence during riding. That magically helps to handle road obstacles and reduce fear. When you choose an insurance policy, don’t forget to check all the terms and conditions and coverage details to get the best service.

We pick these top 9 best motorcycle insurance providers based on coverage, discounts, add ons, customization opportunity, customer satisfaction and price. If you want the best motorcycle Insurance, then pick from the above list. You will be glad to get excellent service, enormous coverage at an affordable rate.

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