Dirt Bike Safety Tips: Know how to save your life from injuries

In woods, you are riding a dirt bike and enjoying the best time of your life. Everything can turn into a disaster in minutes if you don’t get careful about safety precautions while riding one of these vehicles that need attention.

Wearing proper safety gears and checking for errors before you ride are the most important dirt bike safety tips. There are some more as well. We’ll talk about them below.

Are Dirt Bikes Safe?

dirt bike safety tips
dirt bike

There is a lot of confusion going around about dirt bike safety. Well, they are not a vehicle that you can ride without minding any concerns or safety rules. But definitely, these are much safer than ATVs.

You may believe an ATV has four wheels so defiantly they are easy to control and ride on. But statistically, fifty percent of ATV crashes are probable to die of injuries. This is totally not true with the dirt bike crashes.

Since the ATV is a lot heavier than dirt bikes these vehicles rolling over means crashing the rider. 6 to 8 hundred pounds ATV can cause death much more easily. While dirt bike may throw the rider away but still it’s not going to roll over.

Some statistics are below about dirt bike injuries:

  • Fractures or internal trauma-affected around 40% accident sufferers.
  • Riders who are below 16 experience around 70% of nonfatal injuries.
  • The most prone to accident age line is below 19 years.
  • Male riders are more likely to have such accidents (88% almost).

Dirt Bike Riding Tips and Techniques

There are a number of dirt bike riding tips that I would like to give you. Let me talk about each shortly below. Please pay attention to the safety concerns if you really wish to ride it safely. Especially if you are a new dirt bike rider.

Paved Roads Are A Big No.

Dirt bikes are meant to be a ride on dirt. Don’t risk yourself by riding them on a paved road, most certainly you’ll meet an accident sooner or later. I still remember the worst accident I had in my life. I don’t know why I took the chance and experienced such a horrible incident.

It’s actually not about what skill level you have. Accidents don’t come to visit you if you are a rookie only. There is a pure chance that you’ll hit a car in paved road riding. So, avoid doing that.

Choosing A Suitable Bike

One of the most important dirt biking tips, choose a ride that you can handle. Sometimes we just go for a certain purchase because it looks cool to us. Especially those who are a bit young. They would care about the look.

I’ll suggest you care about the feel as well. Can you handle the weight? Do the riding features sound manageable? If so, go ahead and get it. But if there is even a slight chance of unsureness, try something else.

dirt bike safety tips: Wearing Safety Gears, No Matter What

Wearing Safety Gears
Wearing Safety Gears

Never, I repeat never go out without wearing safety gear. The one you usually don’t wear, that’s important as well. You should not even think about riding a dirt bike without an appropriate dirt bike helmet. Your brain needs the most protection if there is a crash.  Make sure you are dressing for an accident, not for the ride.

1. Don’t Risk in Racing Competition

I’ll be hated a lot by many racers but yet I can’t take the chance of anyone getting get into some serious road troubles. Even if I sound like a party pooper, hear me well, half of the dirt bike accidents are due to the racing competition. These people even required to get admitted for treatment.

2. Your Ability Is the Fuel

It’s one of the most obvious things however it goes a long way to sidestep crashes. Don’t do it more than you can. Your abilities are your boundaries on any particular task or game. Pushing yourself more than necessary will only bring you bad news and disappointments.

Especially in a dangerous game like dirt bike riding. You should always keep it with designated trails. These are designated for good reasons.

3. Checking Your Bike before Riding

Always make a habit of inspecting the dirt bike before going out with it. This will lessen up the chances of any crash or accident by 70%. There may be something wrong with tire pressure or brakes. You should be able to tell them before riding on it.

Make sure to have a thorough check-up on every control. Nothing should be broken or loose. You can easily get them repaired before trying for next time.

4. Stay on the Ball

Try anything that involves risk needs you to be sharp and quick. You need to make quick decisions suddenly for a situation. If you can’t adjust and react on time, accidents will never be at a safe distance. So be ready for meeting unexpected things in the woods. There may be a wild animal or another rider passing by. If you can’t deal with them suddenly, a crash is likely to happen.

Make sure you keep yourself properly hydrated. Sometimes dehydration can completely mess up your focusing ability. You need to keep water bottles with you while riding a dirt bike.

5. Alcohol or Drugs Will Kill You

It’s so obvious, but I would want to keep it in my points. Because there are still some people who would take the risk just for fun. Never try alcohol or drugs before riding a dirt bike. Your chances of getting into an accident, this way rise up to seventy percent.

That’s a lot on the risk scale. Don’t take the chances on your life for a few glasses of shots. You can enjoy a glass of wine once you get home safely.

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There are a lot of other dirt bike safety tips that matter. But I believe, these are the most common ones and people tend to ignore them most. So, hopefully, you’ll keep them in mind while trying your next ride. Remember a safe ride will be a little less fun but won’t cost your life. Enjoy Dirt Biking!

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  1. My son wants to buy a new dirtbike, but I told him we don’t have the money right now to pay for it. I am hoping that if I get home some cool custom pieces for it, then it will make it feel new enough for him. I didn’t know that paved roads are so dangerous for dirt bikes, so I’ll make sure to stop him from riding them.

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