Beginners Guide: It’s All About How to Ride a Dirt Bike!

how to ride a dirt bike for beginners

Once you are sure about learning a sport, the very first step is to know about the basics. It’s important to lay the foundation strong so that later, learning advanced techniques and tricks become easier. This is the same thing with riding a dirt bike also.

So, to make sure you know how to ride a dirt bike, let me tell you about every necessary point one by one below. Let’s get started!

Start It!

how to ride a dirt bike
How to ride a dirt bike

The very first step to learning how to ride a dirt bike for beginners is by understanding the startup of a bike. You’ll need to tun the battery power on. This will not really set it up entirely but begin the battery. Now you need to give it some time so that the engines can startup.

Most of the dirt bikes come with a basic technique of rotating the key on point. These ways it should instigate the dirt bike in one go. You should use the choke if the day is warm. For winter days, you are going with haul out if the choke is a better option.

Now, you need to understand how to ride a dirt bike with clutch. If you have a manual clutch in your bike, then pull it at the beginning. It should be your left handle. This should pull the bike in neutral.

Also, you may need to use the kick starter to begin it. The starter should be on the right side of the bike. Older models of the bike have this feature.

Don’t try dragging throttle too hard. If you have used the choke let the thrust come back. It’s okay to keep the bike with neutral if you want to let it be idle for a minute.

how to ride a dirt bike for beginners
How to Ride Dirk Bike

Controlling and Shifting Clutch

If you want to learn how to ride a dirt bike faster, then you need to understand controlling and shifting the clutch. The ideal way to understand the changing gear is to feel for it. There should be around five gears on adult dirt bikes.

You need to step down fast for attaining with the first gear. To use the neutral, simply clasp your foot under the shifter. Then you need to use half click extent to raise it. First-timers will have a bit hard time being in neutral.

You can now start riding the bike with the first gear. You need to revolve the throttle for moving it now. Gradually roll back the throttle and at the same time, let the clutch release slowly.

Do both actions at the same time. You need to carry out each process really careful. If you think, the bike is running too fast, release the throttle.

Sit in a Suitable Position

Now you need to keep your bike upright to roll without any trouble. Those who are keen about how to ride a dirt bike for the first time make sure you give enough attention to your body positioning. It’s kind of similar to riding mountain bikes. But here, positioning body is a key factor.

You need to choose a dirt bike that allows your feet to touch the ground. Give attention to your seat area. Snuggle up with the ahead part of the seat that connects with the tank. Now lean forward while grabbing handlebar. This will not let you step on the gas.

You should keep knees and elbows bent when moving along. You need to stand up if you need a more natural and safe way sometimes.

Foot Positions

There should be two pegs on each side of the dirt bike. You need to put the balls of your foot on it. This will give you better control. Also, it helps to access the clutch and brakes quickly. There is gear shift pedal on the left side front of the peg.

You need to operate it using your left foot. This way, you’ll be engaging the shift using your left foot. To start with the second gear, you’ll need to use both your foot and clutch handle. This time you will also have to push the clutch pedal.

This is exactly what you need to do for the next gears. With the same method, you can easily control third, fourth, and fifth gear. The more comfortable your foot position is the better controlling ability you’ll have.

You’ll Move Now!

Now it’s time to be comfortable with the whole thing. Now just ride dirt bike as this way. You also need to practice this for a few times. Make sure to have a regular session on learning the dirt bike before you take it to the road.

Don’t get too confident with riding a dirt bike early. There should be a concern about how old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike. Make sure you fall under that age range. You should refer to your local rules on how old to ride a dirt bike is necessary.

Don’t forget to learn about the safety rules as well. These are a really dangerous sport if you have not much experience or knowledge. So, doesn’t try it on the road from the very first day. It’s also important to start your riding journey under an expert’s observation.

You can simply find a class or fellow learners who can join you for a fun practice session. This way, you’ll be able to get adapt with frequent rules and regulation over a dirt bike. Also, give enough thought on buying your first dirt bike. It should meet the beginner’s requirements to be comfortable enough on the road.

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There are many ins and outs with How to ride a dirt bike. But once you become comfortable with the journey, this is surely going to be a fun learning experience. Riding a comfortable dirt bike is one of the easiest as well as the coolest thing to try.

So, make sure you try this out and don’t forget to go through some self-explanatory sessions carefully. Good Luck!

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