Electric Scooter Troubleshooting and Solution: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix An Electric Scooter

So, are you stuck with your electric scooter? Troubleshooting the problem is half of the solution. We understand how painful and awkward it can be when your electric scooter malfunctions or does not work the way it should. We are going to write this post to help you with some of the very common issues that you might face with your electric scooter. Making you wait no more, here we go with electric scooter troubleshooting and solution guide.

Problem 1: My Scooter Has No Power. 

You have to understand one thing first:  when the battery of the scooter gets low, it will switch on but the motor will not run. On the other hand, when the battery is empty, you can neither turn on your electric scooter nor run the motor. So, when your scooter has no power, it is most likely that your battery is empty and you have to recharge it.

However, as the batteries are completely drained, it will take you longer to get charged. Charge the batteries as long as it does not show the green light to indicate that the charging is completed.

In case you want to check the charging status of your batteries, you have to buy a voltmeter to see if your batteries are charging or not. If the batteries are not taking the charge, it means you have to replace the batteries from the authorized seller or trusted shops suggested by the manufacturer of your electric scooter.

Problem 2: How Do I Reset My Electric Scooter?

If your scooter shuts off intermittently or it loses power during use, resetting the scooter can solve the problem most of the time. This also works when the power switch does not illuminate. Here’s what you need to do to reset your electric scooter:

  1. Place your electric scooter on a level, flat surface.
  2. Turn off the scooter and wait for about 5 minutes.
  3. Press the ‘reset’ button to switch it on again.
  4. Now, the power switch should get illuminated and it should work smoothly.
  5. Avoid crossing weight limits and carrying heavy things that might cause such problems.

Problem 3: How Do I Test The Throttle On My Electric Scooter?

When the battery is completely charged and works well, but your electric scooter is not moving or electric scooter throttle not working you should test the throttle of your electric scooter. Among many kinds of the throttle, half effect throttle or twist bar type of throttle is the most common.  High-end throttles or on and off throttles are also seen in many scooters. However, we are now going to show you how you can test a generic electric scooter throttle:

  1. Find an open and isolated place to test the throttle of the scooter.
  2. Place your scooter on a smooth and even ground.
  3. Charge the batteries well if those are not charged already. If the batteries are charged well, you can skip this step.
  4. You will find the throttle formed with 3 different wires with black, red and blue or green colors. To understand if there is any problem in the throttle, twist the throttle. If you have a problem in the throttle, the speed display and light will not show up. However, the connection between the controller and the throttle might be faulty as well.
  5. To remove the fuse turn off the scooter at first. Lift the back wheels off the ground. Keep some distance with the back wheels.
  6. To the red wire of the throttle connect 4.3 Volts DC positive. Connect the black wire to the 4.3 Volts DC ground. Now, take the voltmeter and fix it on the blue and black wire.
  7. Replace the fuse and then switch on the electric scooter.
  8. To start the motor, turn or twist the throttle. At this phase, you will see that the motor is turning on. In case the motor does not turn on, it means that there is any problem with the batteries, connection to the control or ignition key. On the contrary, if the motor runs without trouble, it indicates a problem with the throttle.
  9. The voltmeter will read anything between 0 to 3+ volts. If you see the number is lower than this, there is a problem with the throttle.
  10. Now, remove the wires and switch the engine off.

Problem 4: Why Does My Electric Scooter Keep Cutting Out?

When it comes to scooter problems, cutting out from the power is one of the most common problems scooter owners face.  There can be four reasons responsible for this problem. Let’s check one by one.

The Battery

When the scooter cuts off, you will notice that the gauge of the battery has suddenly dropped to zero. There can be two reasons why it happens. Firstly, the battery is empty. Secondly, the batteries still have charge, but you cannot utilize that due to some electrical problem.

Now, if you want to see the level of charge in your batteries, you have to use a multimeter or voltmeter. If the battery is empty and the battery goes off like this frequently after working for a few minutes or an hour, it is time to change your batteries. Maybe the batteries have worn old due to excess use or the lifespan of the batteries has come to an end.

However, if your batteries are new, this can happen due to some faults in the batteries. In that case, you have no option left but to contact the manufacturer to claim a replacement under the warranty policy.

But, if the battery charge is fine and the gauge is still showing battery empty signal, the problem is most likely associated with the poor connection to the batteries. In that case, check for the dirty connectors and find any loose wire. Use the user manual of your scooter to know how to clean the connectors.

Loose Connection

This is another common problem that can cut out your scooter. Check for the loose connection in the scooter to discover if it is the case. One of the ways to discover the loose connection is to see if your scooter loses connection when you hit a bump or go down a curb. In that case, the problem will be solved when you restart the scooter in the flat service and occur again when you hit the bump or go down a curb again.

To solve this problem check the motor compartments and battery parts to find any possible loose connections or any wire out of the place. If you find the source, that’s great. But, if you do not find it, you can consider taking help from a technician.

Faulty Motor

Well, a faulty motor is not very common. But a faulty motor may cause the cut out of the scooter. One of the reasons why the motor can get damaged is the moisture. Though the housing around the motor works to protect the motor, the moisture can sometimes penetrate inside the motor and compels it to stop working.

However, this problem happens mostly when the motor gets in touch with water or submerged in the water. This can also happen if you leave your scooter in the rain or direct a hose towards it.

If the battery gauge does not show battery low or there is no issue with the loose connection, you have to consider this as the next possible problem in the scooter that cuts out the scooter from the power.

You can not solve this problem on your own if you are not an experienced technician. Find out ane expert technician who can wipe the motor dry and then resemble again to solve this problem.

Faulty Switch

If you do not find a problem in any of the three parts mentioned above, the last thing that you can check is the switch. A faulty switch can be the ghost behind the curtain to cut off the scooter from the power. If a faulty switch is engaged in this issue, you will experience sudden stop or failure at the start of your scooter. Furthermore, it can also throw the scooter reversely without any action from your end.

Take the switch to a professional technician to check for faults. It can be moisture or lubricant that have damaged the switch. The technician will either clean the switch or suggest you buy one in case the present one is not usable anymore. One last thing, never lubricate the switch or pour water on it. These actions can damage the switch for good.

Problem 5: Where Can I Get My Electric Scooter Fixed?

Read the user manual to find the warranty policy. If your scooter still has a warranty period and you can get the service or replacement from the manufacturer for free of cost or with a service charge, it is better to contact with them. However, in case the warranty period is no longer valid or you want to get your scooter fixed as soon as possible, contact a professional technician who has experience of dealing with scooter issues and who knows how to fix and electric scooter.

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Final Words

So, that’s our electric bike troubleshooting guide for you. We believe that you now know some core problems and solutions. This electric scooter troubleshooting guide is aimed to help you and we think that we could help you in this respect.

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