Electric Scooter Troubleshooting and Solution: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix An Electric Scooter

You’re riding on your electric scooter, and all of a sudden, it stopped moving!

Such a breakdown of it can be painful. And if you don’t know what’s causing it, then it can annoy the hell out of you. That’s why knowing how to do electric scooter troubleshooting is crucial.

Because if you don’t understand the problem, finding the solution becomes impossible. But not to worry, we will show you how to troubleshoot and fix an electric scooter right now.

How to fix an electric scooter?

As told earlier, if you can troubleshoot the problem in your electric scooter, getting it fixed won’t be that hard.

So, let’s see some of the common issues that you might face with the ride and how you can fix it in the quickest time.

Problem 1: Electric Scooter Troubleshooting

Why my Scooter not working properly

There can be various reasons for which this can happen. Let’s go through some of the issues that might cause the scooter to not work right.

Scooter has no power:

You have to understand one thing first: when the scooter’s battery is low, it will switch on, but the motor will not run. On the other hand, when the battery is empty, it won’t even switch on, let alone the engine. So, if you’re not getting any power on the electric scooter, most likely the battery is empty. And the solution to that problem is to recharge it. It is as simple as that.

If that’s the case, you need to wait a long time as the battery will take some time to charge. Let the scooter battery charge until it indicates it has been fully charged. 

You can check the charging status of the battery using a voltmeter to see if your batteries are charging or not. For some reason, if the battery isn’t charging, then you need to get it replaced. You can go to an authorized seller or a trusted shop to get the battery changed suggested by the scooter’s manufacturer. 

Kill Switch On

Your mobility scooter might not have any battery problems at all. It might be something simple that is what stops the scooter from working. Without you even realizing it, the kill switch on your scooter is what is causing the trouble. And it is possible because many scooter manuals tell you to have it on after you end up riding the thing for the day. Or even while charging in many cases. 

So, when you again want to ride the scooter the next day, it might be still on which is why the aovo pro or any other scooter with the kill switch is not working. Just turn it off and try again to get the engine running. 

Blown or Flipped Fuse

There is no doubt that the scooters that run on the battery are exceptional. But they come with their troubles. One of the biggest being the electrical problems they bring with them.

Imagine you’ve flipped the ignition fuse. In that case, the scooter won’t run for sure. The same goes if you’ve blown the main fuse. 

Go and check the ignition fuses as well as the main to see if they’ve got flipped. If they’ve been flipped, just get them back in the on position and try out to start the engine once more. 

If you haven’t blown the fuse, then it should work. Otherwise, you need to get the fuse that got blown replaced with a new one. 

Engine Heats Up

Engine heating up is never a good sight. Especially, when the engine heats up in an electric scooter, that means the battery is heating up. And that will decrease its capacity for sure.

That’s why such vehicles have safety features that shut off the engine to avoid overheating. If it doesn’t get shut down, it might damage the battery beyond salvation.

To tackle this problem, you need to make sure you turn off the engine and let it cool down. And if you see the overheating is happening too often, it is better to send the ride for repair.

No acceleration:

Even when you accelerate hard, it seems like the scooter goes slow. Sometimes it won’t even some like moving at all. That’s maybe because your ride might not be getting the power to the wheels.

And what’s causing this is maybe a faulty electrical controller or fuse problem. Either there is some sort of electrical issue with the scooter. Or you might have blown some fuse.

As a result, the scooter engine doesn’t get the power, and therefore it doesn’t seem to move. If you’re facing that, getting a professional’s help is a must as the mechanical issue can be too complex to handle on your own.

Controller Issue

All the fuses and wires will be on an electrical board in your scooter. And it is what we call the controller. If any liquid or other substance on it, this will get wreck that will cause the engine trouble at getting started. It might not even turn on at all.

In that case, you need to get help from people who know what to do. But for other scenarios like a loosened wire, you can try to fix them by yourself. Even there can be some issue with the transistor which is quite unlikely. But you never know. Check for if any got popped out from its place.

You will be able to get them replaced quite easily.

A few other Things that can go wrong:

Besides all that, there can be a whole bunch of other things that might not cause trouble with the scooter. Let’s quickly go through the rest to get it to troubleshoot fast.

Brake Lever:

Like the kill switch, there is the brake lever switch that can cause a problem. This one connects directly to the throttle control system of the scooter. So, if it is on, it will deactivate the entire system of your ride.

Even when it fails, it locks up the brake in the scooter and shuts down. No doubt, this safety feature is a lifesaver, but in times it is the root of the problem.

So, check it is not on first when you try to start the engine. Also, make sure the wiring doesn’t come loose on it. Because you don’t want to end up in an accident because it didn’t work when you required it.

Speed control:

Similar to cruise control in vehicles, there is something called speed control in a scooter that keeps the speed within a predefined range. It keeps you in check from going at crazy speed on the highway.

It can also break down and cause a problem for you. To find the issue and solve it you need to the following:

  • Turn on the scooter
  • Check the speed control range.
  • If it goes over the range, then check for issues in circuit, wire, or fuse. Whatever caused it to not work.
  • After finding the problem, dismantle it and repair it (Take help from a mechanic if you’re not confident in doing it on your own)
  • Done fixing it. Then reassemble it again and test to see whether it got fixed or not.

Problem-2: Scooter-Charging Troubleshooting

Why the Charger Isn’t Plugging into My Scooter Charger-Port? 

If you don’t clean the charger port for a long while, the port can be full of dust. And, later, it will create a problem with your scooter charging time. So, clean the charger port regularly. 

Now, you might wonder how you can clean the port as it is not easy to reach. Well, you can use a tiny stick to get out all the dust. But try not to use needles of any kind.

Why Not my Scooter Charging?

Our research said this type of problem occurs if your scooter charger has a defect of any kind. While you keep using any defective charger to charge your scooter, it will not get the battery connected to the charger. 

As a result, you will find your scooter is not charging.

There are many ways to understand while the charger is not in the correct order. You will often get the two lights in a scooter charger where one is red and green. 

The red light will help you understand the battery is charging, while the green one will notify you that you have plugged in the charger correctly. 

While your scooter will get its full charge, the red light turns off automatically. At the same time, you can see only the green light is available. And, it means the scooter is ready to make your go.

However, you will easily understand whether the charger is getting damaged in terms of these red and green lights. When the charger gets old, you will see no red light, but the green one right after plugs in. 

Remember, a charger with zero output level or below the required voltage volume is defective as well.

Here, we have got the four most possible reasons why a charger gets damaged. This is-

  • If the battery is new and already full of charge
  • Low voltage battery that is already not working
  • Lose wiring system
  • Charger with a burn out the fuse

So, try not to go through the following four facts while it is your scooter charging time. Besides, you can have a multimeter to check the charger voltage output. Make sure the volts of voltage are above the required voltage.In addition, if you see the charger is not working, check it using another scooter. So, following our instructions, you can solve your scooter charging trouble.

Problem 3: How Do I Reset My Electric Scooter?

If your scooter shuts off at random or loses power during use, resetting the scooter can solve the problem most of the time. This also works when the power switch does not illuminate. Most scooters like the Phaewo electric scooter got a reset button that works in the following way:

  1. Place your electric scooter on a level, flat surface.
  2. Turn off the scooter and wait for about 5 minutes.
  3. Press the ‘reset’ button to switch it on again.
  4. Now, the power switch should get illuminated, and it should work smoothly.

Most of the time, when you cross the weight limit, such issues start to occur. To avoid such problems with the Phaewo electric scooter or any other electric scooter, you should avoid carrying heavy things on it.

Problem 4: How Do I Test The Throttle On My Electric Scooter?

The battery is working fine, and you’ve got it fully charged. So, you got on the electric scooter to ride it. But it doesn’t move a bit. Though you’re twisting the throttle hard, nothing. Probably, the electric scooter throttle is not working. You need to test it to make sure if that’s working right or not.

There are many types of throttle. Half effect throttle or twist bar type of throttle is the most common. High-end throttles or on and off throttles are also seen in many scooters. However, we are now going to show you how you can test a generic electric scooter throttle. So, whether you’ve got a Gotrax scooter that’s throttle not working or any other ride, you can do the troubleshooting in the same way.

  1. Find an open and isolated place to test the throttle of the scooter.
  2. Place your scooter on a smooth and even ground.
  3. Have the batteries fully charged. If you’ve got the battery loaded, then skip this step.
  4. You will find the throttle formed with 3 different wires with black, red, and blue or green colors. To understand if there is any problem with the throttle, twist the throttle. If you have a problem with the throttle, the speed display and light will not show up. Maybe, the connection between the controller and the throttle might be faulty as well.
  5. To remove the fuse, turn off the scooter at first. Lift the back wheels off the ground. Make sure to keep some distance with the back wheels.
  6. Then to the red wire of the throttle connect 4.3 Volts DC positive. Connect the black wire to the 4.3 Volts DC ground. Now, take the voltmeter and fix it on the blue and black wire.
  7. After that, you need to replace the fuse and then switch on the electric scooter.
  8. To start the motor, turn or twist the throttle. At this phase, you will see that the engine is turning on. In case the motor does not turn on, there is some kind of issue. Maybe it can be with the batteries, connection to the control, or the ignition key. So, check for the problem. On the contrary, if the motor runs without trouble, it indicates a problem with the throttle.
  9. The voltmeter will read anything between 0 to 3+ volts. If you see the number is lower than this, there is a problem with the throttle.
  10. Now, remove the wires and switch the engine off.

Problem 5: Why Does My Electric Scooter Keep Cutting Out?

When it comes to scooter problems, getting cut out of power is one of the most common problems scooter owners face. There can be four reasons responsible for this problem. Let’s check them one by one.

The Battery Problem

When you see the scooter’s power gets cut off, you will notice that the gauge of the battery has suddenly dropped to zero. There can be two reasons for it. The first one is obviously that the battery ran out of juice. The other one is that you’ve got some electrical problem with the scooter. Even though it has power, you can’t use it.

To see the charge level, you have to use a multimeter or voltmeter. If you realize the battery gets empty fast even after getting fully charged every time, then it’s time to replace it. The capacity of its holding charge has declined as it got worn out from use. 

But sometimes, even with new cells, you can face such an issue. In that case, you have no option left but to contact the manufacturer to claim a replacement under the warranty policy.

However, after some testing, you found that the battery is OK. Still, the gauge is giving an empty battery signal. If that’s the case, then you’ve got some connection issue, which is why the scooter can’t receive the battery power. 

In that case, check for the dirty connectors and find any loose wire. Use the user manual of your scooter to know how to clean the connectors.

Loose Connection

It is another common problem that cuts out power from the scooter. Check for the loose connection in the scooter to discover if it is the case. One way to identify an unfastened wire is to see if your scooter loses connection when you hit a bump or go down a curb. In that case, the problem will be solved when you restart the scooter in the flat service and occur again when you hit the bump or go down a curb again.

To solve this problem, check the motor compartments and battery parts to find any possible loose connections or wires out of their place. If you find the source, that’s great. But, if you can’t find the problem yourself, then take help from a professional.

Faulty Motor

You can have an issue because of a faulty motor. Though it isn’t that common, you can’t rule it out entirely. Because of it, you might have a power cut out problem.

So, the question is what causes the fault in the motor?

It’s the moisture that goes into the engine that makes it stop working. But as I’ve said, it is unlikely to happen because of the motor housing works to avoid such an issue. You never know, somehow the water might creep into your gravity blade electric scooter’s motor.

Maybe you’ve submerged the scooter in water. Or this can also happen if you leave your scooter in the rain or direct a hose towards it. Whatever the reason might be, if the problem isn’t with the battery or loose wire, then it is the next probable cause for the issue.

And if that’s the case, then you should go to a mechanic for help as it is something that you shouldn’t try to fix on your own. That’s because you might need to disassemble the motor and wipe it dry before assembling it again. And not everyone will be able to do it for sure.

Faulty Switch

Gone through all the parts and saw none of them are the reason for your scooter’s power cut out. Then the last thing that you can check is the switch

A faulty switch can be the reason behind the power cut out on the scooter. If you experience a sudden stop or failure at the start of your scooter, then that’s a sign of it. It can even throw the scooter reversely without any action from your end.

Just like earlier, take help from a professional technician to check for faults. Maybe there is moisture or lubricant that has damaged the switch. Depending on the condition, clearing it might solve the problem. Or you might have to replace it with a new switch.

So, one thing you should take from here is that never lubricate the switch, nor do pour water on it as it might get damaged.  

Problem 6: Scooter Battery Troubleshooting

What if My Scooter Battery Won’t Charge? How to Fix That?

In case of a battery charging issue, you have to check first the duration of battery when you have charged it last-time. If the period is around six months or more, then it is why your battery is not taking charge. 

Also it is the reason why your electric scooter isn’t working. Let’s check how you can work out this problem-

If you find your battery won’t charge, then keep charging it for around 9 hours constant. After that, still, if the battery doesn’t get charged, that means the battery got damaged.  

In that case, plug in the battery to another E-Scooter. It will keep running if there’s minor damage to the other parts inside. At that condition, we recommend you replace your scooter battery. 

You must make sure the scooter model matches the battery you buy.

Why My Scooter Battery Doesn’t Run for an Extended Period? 

It happens in terms of the old battery and even when your scooter becomes unused for long. If you face a problem like your scooter, slow down and stop after every 10 or 20 minutes; that means the battery is pretty old.

Besides, flat tires are also responsible for keeping your scooter running slow because the flat tires consume battery.

At this time, the motor keeps exerting more power than the regular amount to run your scooter. And, in return, the battery loses its charge before the time.

However, you can fix this problem considering the following-

  • Keep a regular check whether your battery needs any repair.
  • Check whether it is working in a total volume.
  • Replace the battery while it died.
  • Keep checking whether the tires are completely flat.
  • Bump up the tires if you find the flat.

Problem 7: E-Scooter Repairing Troubleshooting

Where Can I Repair My Electric Scooter?

It is widespread and simple to repair your scooter after each certain period (Every 550 Miles). But the problems occur while it raises the question of where you will fix it. 

Nevertheless, you have nothing to be worried about this issue anymore because we will now help you secure this trouble. 

However, we researched five possible ways you can go through quick maintenance. Let’s see what they are-

  1. Repair with Your Own 

There are many tiny things to maintain for your scooter that you can do yourself with no hassle. Now you’re thinking about whether you can repair everything. 

In this case, the answer is “No”! You can repair only the parts that will not be harmful to your scooter.


 And, the repairing area that you can fix yourself is-

  • Changing Tires
  • Tightening the Loose Parts 
  • Adjusting to the breaks
  • Fixing Flat Tires

Yet, before trying to fix those problems on your own, we suggest you go through the manufacturer’s instructions for once.

  1. Repair Directly from Manufacturer 

Read the user manual to find the warranty policy. Let’s say you’ve got a gogo scooter to repair. If you still have a warranty period and you can get the service or replacement from the manufacturer for free of cost. Or you might have to pay some service fee that is not that substantial.

But if the warranty period has expired, then take it to a technician who got experience working with such a thing.

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  1. Send Your Electric Scooter Back to Distributor

While you buy a new electric scooter, you must maintain its return policy carefully. As a result, if your scooter doesn’t work well, you can replace it easily. 

Even you have the option of sending it back to the distributor. And, it will assist you in getting further maintenance service within the warranty period. 

Indeed, the return policy of your scooter means something highly geographical.

  1. Repairing Workshop 

There are a number of repair workshops that are getting popular gradually as the demand for electric scooters is increasing. You can rely on those maintenance shops spontaneously.


In almost all the cities, you will get those repairing shops available. So, it is not a matter of hazard.

Besides, some of the shops deal with electric scooter brands/companies directly. So, while you go there to repair your scooter, you get the servicing facility of your warranty period.

And, the amount of money you need to spend will not be an issue of mistreatment. Instead, it will save you money. If you are confused about whether there’s a repairing shop nearby you, search on Google to find out quickly.

  1. Bike Repairing Workshop

Yet, if there’s no solution to your crisis, then our last recommendation is a bike repairing workshop for you. You can repair your electric scooter in a bike repairing workshop as well.

But, make sure the shop workers work in terms of the purpose of electric bike repairing. 

If the workers can repair an electric bike, they can indeed repair an electric scooter as well.

And, in this case, you have no worry about damaging any part of your scooter.

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8.How to prevent the electric scooter from breaking down?

If you don't want your electric scooter to break down, you need to maintain it regularly. And for that, you've got to do some work from time to time. Here are they:

Inspect the ride: There is no need to go through all the parts meticulously. Just make sure the important parts like the steering, brakes, wheels, throttle, and all that is working just fine.

Tighten loose screw: There are so many parts that get fastened together with bolts and screws together. And while driving on roads, the bumps and dips often make those things come loose which is not a good thing. So, make sure to find any such unfix screws and fasten them before you get on the ride.

Tires: Every manufacture will provide a recommended pressure level for the tire in the scooter. To get the best performance, you should maintain that level on the tire at all times. Besides that, you can look into solutions to prevent flats to get more use out of the tires for sure if you can find any.

Brakes: To have a safe journey, make sure to change worn out brakes on the scooter. If there is any wiring issue, then have it fixed as you don't want to regret not taking care of it after running onto the wall in front of you trying to stop.

Battery: Let the battery unit charge properly. Many people make the mistake of not letting the scooter battery get fully charged before they ride it. That is a big no-no. Avoid doing it and let the battery get fully charge before you take it out again.

Problem-9:Scooter Running Setback

Why Doesn’t My Scooter Run as It Should Be?

While there’s a connection problem to your electric scooter, the power switch will not light up.  And eventually, the electric scooter shuts off while riding. And, it will create a problem running the scooter. 

So, let’s check what you have to do to solve this problem-

  • Check whether the connections are loose underneath the deck plate.
  • You have to reconnect if there are loose connections.
  • But if you find no loose connections means the problem is elsewhere.
  • So, check the power switch and replace it.

Why My Scooter Runs Slowly?

There can be three most common reasons why your electric scooter runs sluggishly.

This is-

  1. Unfit Riding Zone
  2. Making Your Scooter Overload
  3. Unadjusted Breaks 
  • The solution to Unfit Riding Zone

Try avoiding the harsh pavement while riding your scooter. A flat and solid zone for scooter riding is well perfect for saving your scooter from damages.

  • Solution to Overloading

Overloading causes the circuit breaker to keep shutting off its power to the scooter motor. Also, it is the reason for your scooter’s battery damage. You shouldn’t exceed the weight limit of 120 Ibs or 54kg. 

That is why we ask you to take one person at a time but not more than one. It will save you from creating an overloading problem.

Still, if you face this same problem, you can work it out tactfully. You need to wait a while and reset the circuit.

  • The solution to the Unadjusted Breaks

Before going to adjust the breaks, read the manufacturer’s instructions and then try. And, if you find it tough to adjust correctly, take help from any professional. 

Why My Scooter Sometimes Runs But Sometimes Not?

Well, your scooter runs smoothly sometimes, but it doesn't run other times means there’s something wrong with your motor. At this point, two reasons you can observe.

One can be the motor smash-up among these two problems, and another can be loose connectors and wires. Nevertheless, let us tell you how you can go through this trouble.

  • For the motor damage, you have to replace a new one.
  • Check out whether you have tightened the connectors and wires of the motor precisely. If not, tighten them before you make your go.

Why my Scooter Runs Less than Its Required Charge-Time?

Usually, this kind of problem happens while there's something wrong with the battery. We found three possible reasons that can bring you such issues. These are-

  • Extremely Old Battery

If your scooter battery becomes too old, it will lose its capability to receive the full charge. So, whenever you face this similar problem, understand that it is your scooter battery changing time. 

Habitually, a rechargeable battery can last three years maximum. After that, you need to change this.  

However, buy a 12volt battery that means ten amps per hour. And, you should strongly avoid using the derivative parts to replace. It will fix your problem while your electric scooter won't turn on.

  • Extremely Tight Break

The extremely tight break also creates a problem with the extremely loose connection. Scoter often stops running due to a tight break as well. So, make the break connection a bit loose if it is too tight.

  • Smaller Amount of Battery Charge

A scooter battery needs a specific amount of charge. In this case, you cannot just unplug the battery even before you have charged it fully. 

Furthermore, you have to remember, first-time you will charge the battery, you need to charge it for 18 hours. And, the re-charging duration is 12 hours. 

However, don’t forget to keep checking the plug adjusts to the port precisely. Also, keep your eye on the battery to make sure it is charging faultlessly. 

Problem-10: Motor Troubleshooting

Why Not My Scooter Motor Working?

There are several problems with not a scooter motor working. The causes can be related to fuse or circuit breaker, battery, BMS, wiring, etc. But there is nothing to worry about. You can fix this problem by applying your little concern. 


However, the solution to your scooter motor problem can be the following below-

  • Check Out the Fuse

While the motor will stop working, check out your electric scooter fuse whether it is burned. If you find it burned, then remove and replace a new one. 

Push on the fuse and check if it is still okay to reset. In this case, if you get the fuse is okay, then the problem must be with wiring.

  • Scrutinize the Motor Again

If the motor creates a problem working, we suggest you recheck the motor. It means you will have to scrutinize the wire connections and other electrical parts. 

While any of these wire connections of the electrical parts keep burning, you must replace them.

But if you find no burning problem, make sure you have tightened, adjusted, and connected the wire connectors nicely.

  • Test out the Battery

Here again, you have to check the battery to solve this motor problem. The battery is a fundamental part that the professionals consider as a powerhouse of a scooter. So, you have to be sure that the motor is getting sufficient volts from the battery. 

We already have told you to use a multimeter. The multimeter will help you understand the battery condition through its volume of voltage.

Besides, testing out the battery is the answer to your question “why is my electric scooter not turning on”?

  • BMS Malfunction

BMS is the amplification of Battery Management Systems that acts to keep a balance between the dead cells of a battery. But if the BMS goes dead, then you need to replace it immediately.

Final Words

So, that’s our electric bike troubleshooting guide for you. We believe that you now know some core problems that you might face with the scooter. And know how to resolve them. This electric scooter troubleshooting guide is aimed to help you, and we hope we had helped you in that respect. But if you still have any queries, don't be shy to comment them below. We will get back to you ASAP with the answers.

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