Motorcycle Downshifting Techniques: The Best Ones

All the bikers, somehow, have their unique styles to shift. At the same time, they want to experience a smooth, elegant and dynamic stunt as well. So, considering all these things, you are supposed to master every subtle edge which can take even years to be grabbed entirely. 

You have to focus on the way you intend to shift your bike. Before diving into the techniques, you should bring the shifting and braking under your absolute control coupled with proper timing. If you are found bad at timing, anytime and anywhere you can become unbalanced, slow or restless which paves the way for a worse scenario. After affirming all the aforementioned issues, I’ll jump into the exclusive motorcycle downshifting techniques.  

Motorcycle Downshifting Techniques

Motorcycle Downshifting

Motorcycle downshifting is theoretically a simple procedure. But, there are some nuance issues which you must recount. Briefly, when you are riding your bike, if you want to switch from the top to a lower gear, you have to downshift. You can do it solely by pulling in the clutch lever, restraining the shifter followed by discharging the clutch lever again. 

Basics of Downshifting

Downshifting is a skill, and if you want to have a grasp on this craft, you have to go beyond the simple and rudimentary ideas. You should also have knowledge about the engine speed and the road speed. In order to be an expert motorcycle downshifter, you have to understand the pulse of both the bike and the road. 

It may come to you naturally, or it may take longer to be adept on. I will figure out some identical notifications for you so that you can avoid messing up with downshifting and perform like a pro. 

Downshifting for Beginners

Motorcycle riding no wonder does not depend on age. So, if you are a novice bike rider, perhaps, you have an intention to find out a trusted approach of downshifting. In other words, to balance between the engine speed and road speed, you might want a slow release of the clutch, and I think that should be. Because, faster clutch release can harm you anyways.

Although it will not give you a never-to-be-forgotten riding experience, it will undoubtedly explain to you the clutch operation and clutch control. My suggestion to the freshers will be, before mastering on slow releases, hope you will not attempt downshifting without being guided. Additionally, keep one thing in mind that during downshifting, you should not do any unnecessary movement.

Different techniques of motorcycle downshifting

Riding masters usually follow various techniques keeping a sharp eye on their safety and performance. Some of them do stunts. The different dexterities followed by experts are listed below:

  • Downshifting with a Throttle Jolt
  • Downshifting while Braking
  • Downshifting of Advanced level

Downshifting with Throttle Blipping

At the point when you are prepared to accelerate your clutch release, you might need to utilize your choke to facilitate the change. As the downshifting of your bike gets faster, exert the blip throttle when you discharge the clutch. Implementing this method will not allow you to observe a distinguishable thrust. 

If you take up this, just keep one thing in mind that you have to apply less throttle during the release of your bike’s clutch. Then, at that point, you will need a certain practice of fast release as long as you don’t fully understand how to balance the engine and road speed. Only then you can experience an easy ride. 

Downshifting along with braking

When you have the realization of gradual unfolding of your bike’s clutch, most possibly you are well prepared for smoother downshifts. At the same time, you should have undergone the throttle jolt and quick release process. This will make you the boss in this arena. By the way, downshifting your motorcycle while pressing the brake is somehow an advanced idea. Professional riders can accomplish this job with perfection. 

After knowing the basics I have mentioned before, you may start understanding the downshifting while engine braking up to a certain extent. Though I think this process is completely natural, there are still some tips for you. First and foremost, you need to place your index and middle fingers on the lever of your bike’s brake. You are now ready for downshifting. 

Different techniques of motorcycle downshifting

Then, at that point, work on keeping steady tension on the brake while you tap the throttle and shift. In the real world, there are essentially such a large number of factors to realize you are off your motorcycle. Therefore, sit in a protected place and practice the movement. After a couple of days of regular practice, slowing down and downshifting will be natural to you. 

One thing you might have observed closely. That is, in most cases, you don’t have to push your motorcycle throughout the way to move it smoothly. Despite what is generally expected, you ought to just push the lever far enough to withdraw the clutch, permitting you to switch correct gear. By any chance, if you thrive the lever excessively far, you may experience issues slowing down, moving, and choking all the while. 

Downshifting like a boss

To downshift like a pro, you must maintain a healthy balance among your hands, feet and the movement of your bike. A significant point worth mentioning here is, your competency of quick and confident downshifting partially relies on your equipments’ quality as well. By any means, if your clutch i.e. slipper clutch, brake, mirrors, or other parts are depreciated, you may encounter hindrances while downshifting even if you are an expert. For this reason, you should not avoid the regular maintenance of your bike.

The impeccable word “Practice” has its own significance. The saying “Practice makes a man perfect” has become obsolete these days, rather the updated version is “Perfect practice makes a man perfect”. So, the more you rigorously practice downshifting in your own way, the more you will be handy in downshifting with the help of a high-performance motorcycle engine. The controlling power over your bike will automatically be augmented. For further caution, you may consult someone professional whenever you practice.

Finally, we are at the skirt of our discussion. And now you are obviously adept in at least the fundamentals. After mastering it, focus on the techniques pointed above to ride your bike like a boss. If you want to install high quality equipments on your bike, you may go through the link below.

I hope this article has helped you and other motorcycle riders with some valuable and unique pieces of information. Still if you have queries, leave it in the comment box below. And if you find this article useful, please don’t forget to share. 

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